Why is one person addicted to sugar and the other not?

Crave people to sugar because they don’t have enough willpower possess? Possess people that sweets can leave more perseverance? The reality is different in each other.

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If the willpower was, we had the growing phenomenon of diabetes and obesity has been long resolved. Everyone at bootcamp: drill and dressage as a new benchmark. The fork is so different in the stem. Many people take multiple times per year for to cut down sweets. Yet time and again prey to treats or the koekenkast at home.

How is it that one person is addicted to sugar and the other not?

  • The first reason is habit: Is it a habit every evening when you come home from work a cup of tea to drink in conjunction with a bag of Oreo cookies, while you read the newspaper, or your Facebook notifications view? It Is a habit to chime three o’clock in the afternoon a coffee from the vending machine to get, and there is a chocoladewafel there to eat? It Is a habit to have a bag of candy to eat while you’re on the train waiting for? Those habits make it difficult to get from one day to the other to stop. Difficult, but not impossible, provided you know the strategy you can best apply.
  • Second, the cause may be physical are. It’s simple: If you are sugar eat increases your blood sugar very quickly. Shortly thereafter, your blood sugar levels also at all the depths. You get shaky hands, you’re suddenly tired, you can’t concentrate more… Your body has a new dose of sugar is needed, and your blood sugar levels shoot back up. And so, you end up in the rollercoaster of fluctuating blood sugar levels with peaks and troughs.
  • The third reason is the emotional aspect and the fun factor. That is so with eating sugar. Sweet, in fact, offers comfort. It is a habit that we have from birth to learn, since breast milk is sweet. With setbacks, we are tempted to grab to sweet. It is a very easy way to use sweet things that feeling of comfort to call, instead of directly the problem or the misfortune to deal with. Sometimes there is even no notable setback is required. A chronic general lack of entertainment, fun and leisure in your life can make sure that you need that feeling of comfort. Refer to an excess of sugar has unfortunately only impact on very short-term. Long-term do it more harm than good.
  • Fourth: your bacterial flora. Your bacterial flora can according to research to influence our ‘goestingskes’. Bad bacteria and yeasts feed on sugar and will do everything in order to get. There is a direct connection between your gut and your brain via the vagus nerve. A disturbed intestinal flora may be the cause of your devilish urge for sugar. (editor’s note. those who want to read more about the relationship between gut flora and our desire for certain foods can go to The fast afvalmachine’ by Raphael Kellman. The investigations of intestinal flora are still in their infancy and more research is needed.)
  • The fifth reason is your sleep like a vicious circle. Sleep deprivation activates your hongerhormonen and prevents the production of the hormone that communicates that you are ‘satisfied’. As a result, you go a whole day eating and makes you feel like a bottomless barrel, but not enough of sweets. By a whole day to eat sweets, you can the night less sleep. That way you end up in a street with no end.

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Karolien Hermans studied at the Academy of Culinary Nutrition in Toronto and the school of Ayurveda in Ghent.

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