Why Hazard in a goal against England his shirt to pull it out

It is for the Red Devils as possible, the WORLDS in which they are in their group is not the best team have to be to be effective to finish first. So it is not completely inconceivable that there will be a tie for the groepszege. We wonder: who in god’s name, to sport, to leave to fate.

On the scale of ridiculiteit in football, there is one step higher rank than the tickets for the group’s profit, then it is called a yellow card to hand out for the shirt to pull it out. © BELGA

Imagine that England, Belgium and Tunisia with z’n threes an equal number of points achieved, the same amount of goals scored and all the matches on a scoreloos tie ended. It seems utopian, but imagine that the three countries are also an equal number of cards received. Then it would be a draw to decide who goes to the quarterfinals. Our country would be hue and cry when England and Panama from the drum, because that way should the Red Devils to the world cup undeserved and especially dishonorable to leave.

Pure randomness

Nothing is as arbitrary as drawing lots. It is in football statistically, often so that the team that has the most opportunities, effective wins. Through a game of chance that is logically impossible. Sporting performance without taking aside. And yet the fri night so far are. Only to determine who is first in group G. a draw in the England – Belgium and when the English one yellow card tackle than the Belgians, they’re both back the balls in to there again as soon as a higher-up of the FIFA to be removed.

Compare it with an employer who has to choose from two job applicants. They both give a good impression, to meet all the set criteria and have a decent prevent. A dilemma for the employer. As if he were their names on two post-its write, which then crumples and the air inwerpt to the first name he picks up and expand a contract. Never, ever. There is always one the best.

For the first time since 1990

Anyway, a draw is Thursday not to shut off as in paragraph one fantasized. But that does not mean that one team may be in a ‘difficult’ tabelhelft yourself. Who, ultimately, first, occurs in the rechtertabelhelft, where is currently also Portugal, France, Brazil and Germany sit. The second will get preliminary Japan and then probably Mexico or Denmark as an opponent.

The last time a world cup tie was in 1990. England then won group F before Ireland and the Netherlands. Both countries had an identical doelpuntensaldo, scored often and played mutually equal. At the time, were the four best troisième also have a wildcard for the eighth-finals. An innocent hand lootte Ireland from second and the Netherlands third. As a result, the Irish were lucky in the eighth-finals – they met Romania and the Dutch, bad luck. Orange came across the big favourite and subsequent winner West Germany. Et voilà: exit the Netherlands.

Shirt pulling

For such scenario, and approximate Brazil or Germany in the quarter-finals – to avoid, Belgium, at the current state of affairs best second in the group. Provisionally, that means: not to win in England. Tied with a lower number of yellow cards either. We have a scenario together fantasized. Set: England Thursday night entirely undeserved lead against a downright sparkling Belgium. On the road takes an Englishman in yellow for sweater-pull on Eden Hazard. The same Hazard scores in the absolute final phase of the more than deserved equalizer, and pulls in all the euphoria that same sweater off while celebrating his goal.

Result: thanks to the yellow card that Hazard under the nose for taking off his shirt, is England top of their group on the basis of fairplay. Keep Hazard coyly all the clothing on, there will be a draw. Because the number of yellow cards than in equilibrium. Some pie in the sky: the fate determines that the Belgium group winners and the quarter final was against the top favourites Brazil. England reached through the ‘simple’ tabelhelft at least the semi-finals.

As the draw for the eight world cup groups based on FIFA ranking, why is not the hand of the same nation leaderboards to determine who is the winner and who is the second in a group? Not that that ranking a model of relevance is, but she is more relevant than the randomness of a lottery.

Who is very proficient in read between the lines, understood that Hazard, therefore, Thursday nights at twenty to ten best his shirt off. That way, there should be no tickets for the groepszege and Belgium is simply second. Because if there is on the scale of ridiculiteit in football one step higher rank than the tickets for the group’s profit is, however, a yellow card for shirt pulling.

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