“Why Gabriel Batistuta after his career his legs wanted to be amputated’

Domestic and foreign media reports almost daily about players with kraakbeenproblemen who despite the best medical care surgery is not avoided could be. Therapists bite, there is the teeth on the piece, but there is hope, says Thomas D’have.

Gabriel Batistuta to AS Roma © Belga Image

Shocked was I when I last year an article was reading about Gabriel Batistuta, one of my childhood heroes, hard title: ‘I wanted my legs amputated.’


Why Gabriel Batistuta after his career his legs would be amputated

In a interview with a Retail Sports, that almost worldwide was taken over, told the ex-striker of AS Roma, Fiorentina and the Argentine national team that he is after a topcarrière of 17 years, on his 36th almost not more was able to of his bed to the toilet to go. “After I stopped playing football, I felt so bad that I don’t like my bed to the bathroom was, even though that was only 3 metres further,’ he stated back then. “So sharp was the pain in my ankles.’

The now 46-year-old Argentinian consulted even a doctor to determine whether it was possible for his legs to be amputated and replaced by joint prostheses, such as that of Oscar Pistorius. Who declared him crazy and refused to do so. Eventually bolts the operative stopgap to relieve the pain.

The problem of Batistuta is that he has no cartilage in his joints (osteoarthritis), in his ankles mainly, and therefore almost kapotging of the pain.

The question is: how are kraakbeenproblemen to avoid?

Domestic and foreign media report almost daily about players who despite the best medical care surgery is not avoided could be. As therapists bite we all already have a all the time our teeth on this kind of cases.

But there is hope. In the scientific literature I found a number of studies that have a groundbreaking impact could have (o.a. Seidlova-Wuttke et al., 2012).

Overgeactiveerd immune system


Almost always it appears that an (over -) activated immune system have a decisive impact on the development of cartilage defects

Thomas D havéIn the way I do now as a kPNI-therapist at athletes kraakbeenproblemen treat, the immune system is an important approach. And almost always it appears that an (over -) activated immune system have a decisive impact on the development of cartilage lesions.

The immune system can be activated by various mechanisms, such as a disturbed biorhythm, a wrong maaltijdfrequentie, prolonged sitting (sedentarisme), … There are, as it were, different inputs, and it is our job as therapist to the correct entrance to find the patient understand that it can be treated.

Two of the most common mechanisms that lead to kraakbeenblessures and osteoarthritis are: (1) inflammation of the hypothalamus by increased levels of fructose intake and (2) a high consumption of the probleemmolecule Neu5GC.

Gabriel Batistuta © Belga Image

High intake of fructose

A dangerous assassin is an inflammation of the hypothalamus (a part of the brain) as a result of an increased intake of fructose. In the daily practice is that the approach of hip-, knee – and enkelproblemen in both athletes and non-athletes are often an important part of the puzzle. The reason for this lies in our evolution.

Originally it was so that the human being only in summer and autumn fruit (fructose) that it could have. By the overdose of fructose in that period found in the brain (more specifically in the hypothalamus) a short-term inflammation. The main benefits were the following:

1. We were insatiable: the overdose of fructose disordered the brain, and that made the feeling of saturation was delayed. Therefore, we could still eat more. So we did, as long as there is fruit available.

2. We were in a hypometabole: our metabolism has been reduced, as a result, we are fatter and we went less and less to move.

The fructose from the fruits was converted into triglycerides (fat) with the advantage that we have a cold winter without much food could walk. The inflammation in the hypothalamus, caused by the overdose of fructose in summer and autumn, and disappeared in the winter by itself because there is little food available and so little calories were ingested.

That ‘natural’ system is now turned upside down. The problem is that we now not only throughout the year about all the fruit, but also that we have 365 days in a year, alcohol, fruit juices, sports drinks, sugar, etc., (can) consume. Therefore, there is an ongoing inflammation of the hypothalamus. Consequently, the original advantage of the above evolutionary strategy in the current society completely out of hand.

One of the consequences of such continuous hypothalamusontsteking is that mesenchymal stem cells are in the wrong direction differentiate. This basiscellen may have develop into both fat cells as muscle cells, cartilage, bone, et cetera. Because the cells in our body are constantly renewing, leads to a problem in that system mean that there are ‘wrong’ cells. Muscles are ‘fatter’ or bodies ‘more muscled’ for example. Bones ‘vervetten. By the inflammation changes the structure in a bad way: they are ‘softer’, less taxable. This way there athletes much easier kraakbeenblessures on, and in non-athletes osteoarthritis or also, for example, hernia.

Sergio Agüero (L) and Lionel Messi © Belga Image

To high consumption of Neu5Gc

Another common immunological jammer is Neu5Gc, a molecule found mainly in mammals. Research indicates the links between red meat consumption and the development of cancer, diabetes and other diseases. Meanwhile, the influence of the probleemmolecule Neu5GC also been demonstrated by, among others, Kuipers and Pruimboom.

With the above mentioned risk factors will limit the consumption of zoogdierenvlees, dairy products, and fructose, play an important role. More and more athletes keep that in mind. Lionel Messi (Barcelona) gave it all in interviews and on 11 may of this year, said Sergio Aguëro (Manchester City), another fellow countryman of Batistuta, in The Guardian:

‘I went to a doctor in Italy and he checked everything we did; and I had to change quite a bit – no more pasta, no more sugar and no meat, which I used to eat quite a bit because Argentinian meat is very good.’

The fructose – and Neu5GC-problem are but a few of the possible mechanisms with a disruptive impact on the immune system. Opinions such as the above are of an undeniable preventive value for the avoidance of symptoms, and therefore of possible operations.

But also in the rehabilitation is this knowledge important. Therefore, it is the task of the kPNI-therapist to the specific causes of the inflammation of the immune system to identify and to establish a plan for the rehabilitation support. Together with the investigating team when it comes to elite athletes.

Hopefully we can help so heroes like Batistuta to a painless nacarrière.

Reported by Christian Vandenabeele

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