Why do we have less of a draw on a hot day

On a hot summer’s day, we tend to have less of an appetite. We are opting for a salad than it is for heavier dishes, such as mashed potato with smoked sausage. How can that be?

Dietician for Practical Braakhuis shows that people are less hungry on a hot summer’s day. The people in the buildings in which the temperature of a thermostat is to have it here, according to her, is not, or at least less than people who do a lot with a tropical climate are to be faced.

“When you eat the body to process food. This is the body heat is free,” says the registered dietitian. For this to happen, according to her, especially in the digestion of proteins. Because of this, you’ll get the extra hot. “As a result, a reduced appetite, especially for meat and fish.

In addition, according to Braakhuis, so that the body is at a higher temperature and less have to do is to keep the human body temperature is around 37 degrees celsius to keep up. Your body will have less energy, and you can make sure that you have a reduced appetite, difficulties.

Lolkje de Vries of the netherlands Nutrition centre states that during the hot days, even less of moving. You can do that, unconsciously, the body will not rise again. It is, therefore, according to her, most of the people don’t mind at all to have a little less to eat.

On a hot day, it is best to opt for a salad with a protein source. (Photo: AFP)

Be aware and compensate, it is not necessary

To consciously compensate for it is, according to De Vries is therefore not necessary. To drink it is important, however. The netherlands Nutrition centre recommends that if you are on a hot day, every hour, drink a glass of water, even if your not thirsty.

The athletes must be, in spite of a decreased appetite, was quite prepared to eat more, ” says Braakhuis. “Before, possibly during, and after the end of the practice of the sport.”

On a hot day, it is best to opt for a salad with a protein source, ” says Braakhuis. People are generally less inclined to, but in the body, according to dietician have protein.

However, this is not an excuse for hours in front of the other cuts of meat on the grill, to establish, in addition to. “Meat contains a lot of saturated fats which is the cholesterol levels and increase the risk of heart disease increase.”

A more intelligent choice, according to Braakhuis, salads, vegetables, and a small piece of fish. “Oily fish contains omega-3 fatty acids and healthy fats.”

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