Why do some people feel ashamed of eating meat

Shame on you if you’re a big burger you order in a restaurant, or would you say rather that you have yesterday’s falafel you eat, then you have a chicken leg have? You just have vleesschaamte. The term emerges more and more frequently, but what does the term actually mean?

Vleesschaamte is based voedingspsycholoog Diana Dykes, and that the people have the feeling that we, as a society, have to provide a lot of meat to eat. “That makes us feel guilty about it, and because of that, we feel ashamed of our own world,” she says.

Dykes does this on a regular basis in her practice. “People have to formulate it as not so much a shame, but you’ll often see sentences along the lines of,” I should really eat less meat to eat. Or, ” I’d be a little more a day without eating meat have to do.”

Dykes guess is that about 20 per cent of her clients suffer from schaamtegevoelens about the food. A further 20 per cent is in any case already a vegetarian, or a vegan diet, and the other 60 percent don’t care about the world.

“I’m just on Twitter and came across’

Voedingspsycholoog Lieveke, Goossens has not yet seen it in practice, but the concept does. “It’s the only place where I have so far come across is on Twitter. However, in my opinion, it is primarily something that occurs in young people, and I’m already back in the forties.”

Anyone for a round of google, you will notice that even vliegschaamte and klimaatschaamte up. The terms that are associated with the intentional show of environmentally unfriendly behaviour, such as long and often have a shower while you get to know that it is bad for the environment. Or, for example, the booking or end and then you feel guilty about the CO2 emissions of their flight.

Really, the last few years

Vleesschaamte according to voedingspsycholoog Of the Dikes are really in the last couple of years. Used to eat people, according to her, not all that much meat. Then, when it was still a luxury product. Consumers were proud to them with a skewer and very comfortable. But because of the increased wealth went to the consumers, it is becoming more common to buy, ” she says.

People who are ashamed to eat meat, because they are in the sad for the animals, there are, according to Plenty more. However, the real vleesschaamte, as of now, according to our over-consumption. That’s what we do with her, more and more become aware of it. “Everything was done at a given point in time is saltier, sweeter, richer, and much more. There, we notice the consequences of it.”

“The focus on the negative aspects of eating meat, encourages people to think about their own meat consumption.”
Diana Dykes, voedingspsycholoog

Dykes of map, that is, the media can also play an important role in the vleesschaamte. “That there is a growing awareness of the importance of a vegetarian or vegan diet. There are a lot of documentaries, and a lot of famous people have their views and opinions regarding the eating of meat. As a result, the negative aspects of eating meat is getting better and better lit, and that it encourages people to think about their own meat consumption.”

Human beings are not very good in the fast-changing habits

According to Dykes, it is an open question whether that will shame them, it actually keeps for a double burger to get to work. “Just as cruelty to animals or the climate-is someone really the personal touch, the vleesschaamte will lead to a lower consumption of meat. A lot more continues to be of good intentions, or, at most, one day per week without eating meat.”

From the Dykes to see over the next period of time, then not happen, that there will be no potatoes, fruits, and meat on the table is to be placed. “I expect that there will be more attention to the disadvantages of eating meat, so people are really, really good to stop and think about what their role is. However, people are generally not so good at it, it is fast changing their habits, so the chances are pretty high that it’s a long time to take a diet in which meat is not always the case there is always the standard.”

Dykes is expected that the long time it takes before the meat no longer plays a central role in the diet. (Image: 123RF)

One in three Dutch citizens has less meat to eat

One out of three Dutch people by 2018, reduce the amount of meat for dinner, it appeared that in January, according to new figures from the NUpanel, it is a collaboration between the and Nutrition coach, and a dietician, Jonathan and Judy then informed me that he will view will recognize from their own practice. One-quarter of his clients wanted to learn how to reduce the amount of meat to eat. A couple of years ago, the corresponding figures were quite different.

Rob Herman, an expert in nutrition and behavior, Nutrition, stated that the standard is in regards to the meat of the change. That is, there can be, according to him, in the long run to make sure that the less animal products eaten, but so far, this is not the case. According to Herman’s diet consists mainly of low-skilled men are relatively a lot of meat.

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