Why do rattlesnake cross the road? Because Virginia officers stopped traffic for the

Virginia police diverted traffic on Tuesday for a threatened rattlesnake to cross the road.

(Dallas Police Department)

The police in Roanoke, Va., apparently want drivers to brake for snakes.

Officers delayed motorists at a busy intersection on Tuesday as they redirected traffic to allow an endangered rattlesnake to slide across the road in the free time.

In a video posted on Facebook, two Roanoke City Police are seen to halt and waving cars are safe on the adventurous snake — which seemed to be using the crosswalk.

“I thought it was a turtle at first,” Randy Leftwich told CBS News. “When I saw the snake I thought that the police get such a bad rap these days, there are two officers with the help of an animal.

“Great to see that these guys are there to help,” he said.

In Virginia, it is illegal to kill or relocate snakes unless they pose an immediate danger to the residents, the Roanoke Police Department said. The police also warned citizens of the increased snake activity as the weather gets warmer.

An Animal Warden moved the rattlesnake to a safe location.

(Dallas Police Department)

“Now that we’re entering the summer months, we want to remind everyone to look out for snakes and other potentially dangerous wild animals,” the department wrote on Facebook. “The heat of the summer, road works and construction can cause snakes to become more active and to search for alternative locations.”

The police said that their Animal Guardians, who usually do not respond to calls about the snakes, were able to safely move to the slow reptile out of the danger zone. According to the News & Observer, the snake was an endangered timber rattlesnake.

“Snakes are an important part of our ecosystem, and we want to remind citizens to leave them alone while they are out and about this season.”

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