Why do men eat meat than women,

The men eat, on average, significantly more meat than women do. try consumptiesocioloog, Hans Dagevos to figure out how to do that.

The Voedselconsumptiepeiling it seems that we have an average of 98 grams of meat and meat products per day. The new pyramid, the Nutrition centre (voedingscentrum) advises you to make every day, about 70 grams of meat and meat products to the consumers.

115 grams per day and the average man exceeds it. In comparison, women eat on average 81 grams of meat per day.

“On the one hand, and eat men, of course, the more than women. They will have to burn more calories are needed. Generally, every day at 2,500 calories, compared to 2,000 calories for women’, says Dagevos, consumptiesocioloog at the Wageningen University & Research.

So many meat products we eat every day:

  • Men’s and women’s: 98 grams
  • Men: 115 grams
  • Male: female: 81 grams
  • Recommended reading: 71 grams

However, it is the difference in the world, but only a small part of it can be explained. “Especially among the die-hard meat-eaters, and people who have a lot of meat to consume are a lot of older men are over-represented’, says Dagevos.

Conversely, women are over-represented in the group of flexitariërs, vegetarians, and vegans. “It’s clichébeeld of the vleesminnende man, and the vleesminderende the woman stays intact”, says Dagevos.

The Nutrition was doing for a couple of years ago, and the campaign is more than a piece of meat already in an attempt to get men to eat less meat to eat. “An advertising campaign with a nod and a wink”, says Dagevos. He points out that not all of the men are eating a lot of meat. “There are plenty of men who are totally attracted.”

The meat is at the top of the food chain

But why is it that men seem to be difficult to find their meat to be? “There are those who say that it is something evolutionairs it is. Men are hunters and women are gatherers,” says Dagevos.

He himself, however, is not a strong argument. “Frequent eating of meat, do we only have a year or five. And yet, not so long ago, it was a luxury that the majority of people isn’t able to pay for it.”

“Let the people choose vegetable and animal products, but a lot of guys burgers, and steak is the highest level.”
Hans Dagevos, consumptiesocioloog

In a Canadian study, participants, mainly men, in this case, knowing a lot of meat to eat, because of this, the male will be found, and because they believe that meat is necessary in order to make their body strong, to keep up.

The meat turns out to be, especially for men, is indeed at the top of the food chain, too. “You let people choose from a variety of plant and animal products, but a lot of guys in animal products, the highest level. Think burgers, steaks, and fried chicken.”

Women will choose other products, such as chocolate, nuts and fruits. This is also the flexitariërs think about. “For them to get a lot more of the products of vegetable origin is higher in the hierarchy than the die-hard meat-eater.”

Meat is associated with manliness. (Image: 123RF)

Meat is associated with masculinity, like meat, with the female

In short, meat is associated with male. Just think of the man in the leather apron on the grill. “The vegetables and meat substitutes, we find more feminine,” explains Dagevos out. “A lot of people will find this to be at first glance seem weird, but it still remains, however unconsciously perhaps, yet quite persistent, have a role to play.”

“The meat is rather unique. It is the only product that has a little bit of the area, it is a beer. Non-alcoholic beer, it was not for nothing that for many years less than men with drinking. This is now slowly changing.”

This happens as the meat and meat substitutes? “Maybe,” says Dagevos. “To begin with, because, like meat, you can always be better, and also because it is vegetarian, they eat the tough men, such as Lewis Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger be able to help you.”

“Recently, we won two of the baanwielrenners the six days of Ghent is a vegetarian diet,” he says. “But at the same time, it is also true that the total amount of meat consumed in the Netherlands this year, something is up.”

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