Why are the media of Joe Biden convinced will implode

in the vicinity ofthe video Howard Kurtz: On the age, style, ideology, ex-VP Biden drawing negative reporting

‘MediaBuzz’ host Howard Kurtz weighs in on the negative media coverage surrounding former VP Joe 2020 candidacy of Biden, despite his leading Democratic votes.

Well, Joe Biden did not exactly clear the field.

I don’t think it matters much that Biden waited until yesterday, the 20 Democrats in the fight for the nomination, even if it subjected him to weeks of attacks, while he seemed to fidget on the sidelines.

A much bigger warning signal, in my view, is the largely negative tone of his debut. He is, after all, a former vice president, highly praised by Barack Obama, who has consistently led in the early primary polls, and the beat of a President Trump in a head-to-head matchups. But a lot of the press is to act like he’s an old codger, and it is only a matter of time before he keels over politically.

Joe Biden: America is coming back, as it used to be; not to say ethical, just, the truth

Raw video: the Former Vice-President and newly announced 2020 Democratic candidate reporter answers questions.

This is all the more remarkable in view of the fact that the vast majority of journalists and experts to know and like Joe Biden and his gregarious personality.

The reason is that Biden, after half a century in politics, lacks the enthusiasm, and the press is magnetic, novel and unorthodox types attracted to, like Beto and mayor Pete. You don’t see Biden on the cover of Vanity Fair, and a grind-it-out win, by pegs a conventional warrior, not a journalistic heart.


For many in the media, Biden is not liberal enough, at least not for the post-Obama era. He promises free college and free health care, and has a history of working with Republicans, like John McCain (whose daughter Meghan loves him, and Biden, The view will “meet” today.)

What’s more, Biden-campaign-style — speak at rallies, collect union endorsements — seems hopelessly old-fashioned, if we measure the popularity of Instagram followers. News agencies are predicting that he was going to have trouble getting started in the online fundraising game, so he relies on big donors, to be used to be common practice.

Joe Biden: I have not asked in support of President Obama, who should win to win the nomination on their own merits

The former Vice-President Joe Biden makes a campaign stop in Wilmington, Deleware, after officially announced the launch of its 2020 White house bid; Peter Doocy reports.

And then there’s the age thing. Biden, the oldest President, would be opened, at 78, and he looked a step slow, and in encounters with reporters yesterday, and a couple of weeks ago.

But what if the journalists are something of a Twitter bubble, and the real democratic party is much more moderate? We have seen that with the flood of accusations by women of unwanted touches that showed dominated the reporting to polls, the majority of The voters were not affected. In the wider world, the Scranton guy’s connection to the white working-class voters that could help him against Trump in the industrial Midwest.


Biden, the President denounced the term as a “farcical moment” in his video to start, say, four years will do more harm to the country, the character and the “I can’t stand by and watch what happens.”

But first, he had to win the nomination in the face of an uninterested press corps.

A New York Times news story, Biden said marshaling would be “his experience, and global stature in a bid for the leadership of a party that is defined increasingly by a younger generation, perhaps the most skeptical of his age, and ideological moderation.”

The Washington Post quoted Democratic strategists say that Biden faces an “uphill battle” and “is not necessarily the heir to the throne, Obama, despite his No. 2 in the White house for eight years. They argue voters to inform Biden of the span of his decades-long career and are concerned that the veteran-pole, the patent recipe found yet for his own candidacy.”

Is Joe Biden the President Trump a run for his money?

Former assistant Secretary of state John Kerry, Mary Anne Marsh and Republican opinion to weigh researchers Ed Goeas whether or not Joe Biden, the 2020 democratic presidential wins the nomination.

The liberal slate, said the ex-veep – rivals see him as a “paper tiger”:

“Biden is a bit more like a 2016 Jeb Bush: a weak favorite device whose time might be over … years, Biden is the biggest challenge in elementary school, a compromised past spanning nearly 50.”

“At risk” suggests a story of scandal, nor what it means to slate political baggage, such as his backing of the Clinton-era bill that is unpopular with black voters today. But I think the rank and file, the not as worried about a vote in 1994, or even the Anita Hill hearings, as the chattering classes.


One of the few left-leaning experts is recommended to appreciate the press, Biden is a data guru Nate Silver at 538:

“The media coverage, but it could be a problem for Biden. In the mainstream media, the story of Biden’s nomination and win is as boring and disappointing. This is not usually lead to favorable coverage. Meanwhile, some left-oriented media, candidates have a combination of more left, more wonkish, more reflective of the party of diversity, and be more adept in social media.prefer

“If Biden is framed as being out of touch with today’s Democratic party, and that narrative is repeated over a variety of sale, it could begin to resonate with the voters, not to buy it first. If he is seen as a gaffe-prone candidate, then minor bug fight kicks in the choice of blown could be to a great blunder.”


Look, it is quite possible that Biden could trip up, get lapped in fundraising, and is only outclassed by a younger and smarter rival. He was hardly a great candidate in the 1987 and 2008.

But if the former Vice President found his footing, and the field narrows, the press will be forced to change their tune, and we see a flood of stories about how Joe Biden has “grown.”

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