‘Why are children’s menus so often fishsticks and curry sausage?’

Chef Seppe Nobels and Rikolto (the former Vredeseilanden) join hands together for the project GoodFood@School. Their goal? Of healthy and sustainable food at school is the most normal thing in the world. “If you want to change something in a culture, you need the youth to start.’

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There is work to be done, or – better said – to us to eat. Messages about obesity to global warming: eating seems to be something problematic. However, it is not impossible, and even quite easy for our little sustainable lifestyle to improve, but we need in the schools. If you just want to change a culture, you need the youth to start.

There goes GoodFood@School, a project that has the ambition that we need today. Healthy and sustainable food can become a reality if we have enough rating to give to young people, our food and the people who produce and prepare it.

No chia seed and quinoasalades needed

That valuation is currently far find. I myself have two young daughters, and I see regularly what a mess there on the market. Call it self-interest, but I wish that they and their friends eat well.


‘Why are children’s menus so often fishsticks and curry sausage?’

It can’t be that children are constantly cases served where absolutely no nutritional value in it. How many restaurants are still there where the parents are a wonderful dish to get dished, while the children’s menus consist of fishsticks and curry sausage? Or a pancake with Smarties as eyes, and a chocolademondje: nice, but no meal.

It would be evident that what you are out at a restaurant or at school, is healthy. Sugar and salt eat the young by themselves. Those products have no marketing needed. Therefore, it is my goal to have vegetables again hip and trendy. To do this, you must put yourself into the world of young people. What do they like and enjoy? Fluorescent colors, or crunchy things like chips and cookies. That properties, we can also perfectly applicable in vegetable products by raw to keep it short and to brining.

So I made Good Food-versions of ten classics: recognizable meals for the youth. That way they can be healthy and nutritious meals, without missing a beat. You should have with children is not right with chia seed and quinoasalades start, because our local agriculture has already ‘powerfood’ enough.

Invisible heroes

GoodFood@School also gives back appreciation to the people who eat produce and prepare it. I myself have not to complain. Chefs grew over the years to tv-star that the boekentoptien almost fully occupied. But the attention is therefore unevenly distributed. So, there is an urgent more appreciation is needed for the invisible heroes behind our food.


What do children fun and delicious? Fluorescent colors, or crunchy things like chips and cookies. That properties, we can also perfectly applicable in vegetable products.

Just think of the farmers, to start. They are the professionals that we have too little to hear. We need our local farmers to be very hard to support by their craft to handle in trendy dishes that our Belgian keukentraditie celebrate. Go with the class to the field or bring the farmer to the classroom. Who knows, it encourages the young people to make a craft to learn?

But also the chefs in the kitchens, to earn a place of honor as we the dream of GoodFood@School want to deliver. At the end of may I went for a day meekoken in the Technical Institute Holy Family, Bruges. I assisted there is chef Kevin to be the plat du jour and was amazed how hard that is. That people need every day small miracles to provide as many meals get ready for an almost impossible low amount.

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Everyone is head has become out of the love for cooking. Whether you’re in a kitchen cooking or at home: you should be able to cook with the same drive that you have for your family or you love to cook. I have the know-how to dishes to create for GoodFood@School that young people excite. But we are nothing without the expertise of grootkeukenchefs as Kevin. I dream of together with Rikolto a GoodFood@School-a think-tank to establish where chefs from restaurants and commercial kitchens their expertise to bring the best dishes to figure out which grootkeukenproof.


Yes, there is work to be our food, but the cards are good.

Rating for power supply

At school, the children have enormous learning process, but the nutrition which they need to do that is not enough. School is the place where your children can be fascinated by them back to the origin to discover. How are strawberries grown? How to grow an artichoke? This will depend in a bush or in a tree? With such questions about nutrition, you can in all lessons to get started, also outside of the classroom. I think that’s so strong at the GoodFood@School project: it attracts food from the kitchen to the world by integrating it into all aspects of the school.

Yes, there is work to be our food, but the cards are good. We have the chefs, the farmers, the teachers, and a whole new generation who are ready for a healthier food culture.

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