Why Adele is still a flipfoon has

Tonight occurs Adele on in the Sportpaleis. A good time to ask ourselves how it is that the world-famous pop star is still a flipfoon possession.

Adele in the music video for ‘Hello’ © GF

Hello, it’s me/ I was wondering if after all those years you’d like to meet.’ A patch text: more had Adele not necessary after four years of silence. But as the campaign of her new album 25 one thing it proves is that authenticity is not her biggest talent is , but that its authenticity can convey.

THEY were: ‘Hello from the other side.’

HE: ‘Hey you.’

SHE: “I must’ve called a thousand times.’

HE: “What? I think you have the wrong Matt.’

SHE: ‘I’ve forgotten how it felt before the world fell at our feet.’

HE: “What do you mean?’

It was the only one in the deluge of memes, gifs, and vines on Hello followed where we had to smile: an American student that her ex-love Matt the lyrics of Adeles first single in four years sent and a screenshot of the subsequent smsconversatie online threw.

SHE: ‘I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet, to go over everything.’

HE: ‘I feel like you’ll really regret saying this when you are sober.’

Bit strange though: it seems there are still people to exist that the clip of Hello have not yet seen. 300 million times in two weeks it was watched the video: again, record that Adele should write it down. Together with: 300 million people exáct the same thought.

“Why has Adele in hell is still a flipfoon?’

You couldn’t miss it, the close-up of the folding mobile phone, 2006-style, that Adele in the video clip in her hands to be with her fictional ex-love call, a piece of technology that these days as dated as Proton, PlayStation 2, and the sound of Timbaland.

The official explanation of Xavier Dolan, the wonderboy of Canadian cinema, and the director of the sepiakleurige video of Hello , is that he is not of smartphones ” because they remind you that in the reality there is. If you have an iPhone in a movie or tv show, gets you out of the story.’ Is something to be said for that. Only: if that flipfoon in the video one did something, it was just that: you get out of the story. Rarely so many news reports about a phone appear.

Somewhere felt the entire building up to 25 , Adeles third album as an anachronism. It started a month ago, after four years of total silence, with a thirty-second long commercial in the British version of The X Factor , in which the first lines of Hello on a black screen appeared, followed by three dots. A few days later, was an open letter published in which the plate is announced and a make-up record called. ‘I haven’t got time to hold on to the crumbs of my fits like I used to. What’s done is done.’ Then she did a surprising personal interview in iD and in Rolling Stone , followed by a special of an hour on BBC. And that was it. Two magazines, some television, and a letter: that was the entire build-up to the release in 2014 and 2015 for the longest time looked forward to was, a plate of which the industry hopes that they in its own, to the twenty percent loss in turnover in the music industry this year can make amends.


Adele excels in online absence.

That approach is just as whacked as it is brilliant, precisely because he stands out in the current poplandschap. Every popstar try these days for two things: being present online and in touch with the fans. Miley Cyrus instagramt her armpit hair, Beyoncé sends her video diary, Taylor Swift, her album first in tienerhuiskamers play. And Adele, who excels in online absence. Instagram still has only been a month, on Twitter she held it over the past week with a handful of posts, including one photo of her as a child. There are no exclusive tracks for whom the plate is already ordered online. There are no leaked songs. The whole build up to 25 is pretty 2006. Almost as if there is no strategy behind it. But that is there. Classy, minimalist and a bit corny: it is a marketing campaign that is her state. Adele should not onlineplan judge: one patch text, one video clip and two interviews, and the internet does that in its place.

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins is an anomaly in the popwereld. In an era in which the platenverkoop ineenstuikt, she does 31 million copies of 21 of the hand. In a popmarkt that are so segmented that, ‘Taylor Swift’ is the answer to a difficult question, in Blocks , succeed they have multiple generations at a time to achieve. In a decade in which the shelf-life of a world star is limited, she takes a four year break to have a child. Adele does not play according to the laws of the doll, she makes her own rules.

The most impressive of these rules is what they over the last few weeks etaleerde: absent. Ask one hundred people why Adele is so successful and the topantwoorden ‘because she has a great voice’, followed by ‘because they themselves remain’. That second one is remarkable. It may be that they themselves remained, but that we can’t predict: we know not who Adele is.

In her four-year absence, she has a child, but no one has a photo of seen. She has a boyfriend but is not married and contrary to what many people think, they are not moved to America. She is 27 and not 25. She rarely gives interviews and demands, according to The Guardian , that the journalists with whom they did speak a non disclosure agreement sign – her son, they may not, for example, to visually describe. She stays away from Twitter and avoid controversy. She sits at XL Recordings, a relatively small indielabel. She does not stadionconcerten and no festivals – even for a headlinerstek at Glastonbury paste them (in the meantime, she has accepted to be the headliner at Glastonbury 2016, ed.). They said no against a duet with Beyoncé. The only thing we have in the past four years of her have heard, is that they use the title track from Skyfall composed, but even at the world premiere of the film, it challenged it.

No pop star manages the image of himself so to check if Adele. And that’s all one thing to communicate: that she really is. It is what her career has made. You do not know, but last month, yet another British pop star, after four years of silence, released a single. Just for Adele

launched Duffy Whole Lot of Love , her first single since her previous album Endlessly . The counter on YouTube is currently at 44.528 views. There are videos of falling waffles that more viewers have.

However: at the end of 2010, when they at the same time with Adele and her second album came out, it seemed as Duffy, the biggest successor of Amy Winehouse. Duffy with Warwick Avenue and Mercy already two huge hits to pack, had Albert Hammond Sr. as a producer, roped and went to work with the rhythm section of The Roots. Adele was the girl behind a song that Chasing Pavements was called, had 21 been in the studio with Rick Rubin, who just Linkin Park and Kid Rock had produced and was mostly the spirit of Céline Dion to want to revive. It turned out differently. Duffy, you changed management, did a dramatic advert for

Coca-Cola and saw Endlessly completely flopping after one unsuccessful single was the album death. 21 was the best selling album of 2011 and 2012, was the longest listed album in the American charts since 1985 and hauled in six grammys.


They may not look like a popproduct: just enough imperfections to no classic popprinses, just enough class to not a gimmick.

Afterwards there are plenty of reasons why Adele it out of you and Duffy. Her voice, to have one to call. They may not look like a popproduct: just enough imperfections to no classic popprinses, just enough class to not a gimmick. In a music that the ban was sixtiesretro she brought the ninetiesballad back, until then, just about the most maligned genre of pop, and she was as the trends in music. But the main reason was something else. If Duffy Guns N’ Roses, Adele, Nirvana: a new wind of authentic pop.

It takes but five minutes to understand: the duration of Adeles Someone Like You in the cover in the Royal Albert Hall. Better known as the huilversie: at the end of the song wipes the tears from her eyes and she tries a attitude. The more they do not succeed, the louder the standing ovation from the audience. It is easy to cynical about it, but even a cynic will have to admit that it works. Exactly that is why Adele is the biggest artist of the decade. At the time of 21, she was the ordinary girl with an infectious smile that all the success overkómt. The artist that songs made to her broken heart off to write and suddenly noticed that they play. The musical version of Jennifer Lawrence, say.


Good enough to be under the christmas tree, just personal enough to the Taylor Swift generation.

A few weeks ago called Damon Albarn, as a reaction to the failed recording session with Adele, her music is ‘middle of the road’ .He is hard to dealt with, but au fond he was right. ‘Beige pop’ , is the term used by the British critics for its genre came up: music where no one really bothers. Good enough to be under the christmas tree, just personal enough to the Taylor Swift generation, just not too mealy, so that the indiekids hard to hate. But her extraordinary, is that they make you that middle of the road-music that can make you believe. Her emotion is sincere – and is therefore something universal. The biggest talent of Adele is not that they are real, but that they authenticity can convey.

That is the biggest challenge for 25 . It is one thing to have a credible 21-year-old with a broken heart that all success happens, it is another to do that as a 27-year-old with $ 75 million on your bank account. Therefore, the media campaign for the new album, is truly brilliant. By little price to give control of them to the subject spoken of. And that is crystal clear: with its interviews, the text of Hello and the jeugdfoto which she demonstrates how she communicates one thing: that they the life of old miss. As she manages an authenticity to convey that it can catch on. No one knows how it is to $ 75 million on your bank account and you have to have. Anyone know how it is to be nostalgic for simpler times, when there were no children were, when you were just with your friends could hang out, and when there was no pressure.

It may also be no coincidence that that flipfoon so fits perfectly. Except for the emphasis on the fact that Adele is still no sponsorship deals to close, it’s all about the music – does it also think about era in which the world has not yet tweette, pop stars still mysterious might be and Adele is still an ordinary girl. No one therefore doubts that she will succeed: 25 will next year dominate.

Just now you thought that you are emotionally stable.

Geert Sawyers

Adele plays on 12, 13 and 15 June at the sports Arena. This piece has previously been published in Knack Focus 18/11/2015

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