Whom Trump Trust?

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On the roster: Who Trump trust? Time – Out: Old Hickory not play – trump wants the new Senate rules for “quick and easy” agenda – Big business pushing for Trump to stay in Paris climate deal – mates for life

It is much easier to find a President of the people loyal to him than to find it, those that can invest in which he, of his own fidelity.

But it is also much more important.

In the Trump White house, the running assumption was that the only people who enjoyed that kind of status with the President were two of his family members where he is a senior Advisor, daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner.

But as a “National Review” is Andrew McCarthy points out, Kushner’s status as the cat closest to the top of the bucket is at least very endangered by the revelation of his missteps with the Kremlin-communication.

The crustaceans, on which he climbed now happy to drag him back down to the ground, especially if he has lost the confidence of his father-in-law.

Through his intermediary, Kushner says that his intentions were good, mainly due to his mistakes, to his amateur status. But whether it is of malicious intent, its critics claim, or just innocent blundering, to be the set of Kushner to embarrassing the Russians in the American press, the damage is done.

So the crabs have to climb over his shell, to try to, to the edge of the bucket? The speculation is that it is an Insider from the 2016 campaign, including former campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski , and former Deputy campaign Manager, David Bossie , together with the reports of restored Steve Bannon, the self-moved, after six weeks of Kushnerites.

That would gibe with the news that Trump accepted the resignation of communications Director Michael Dubke on may 18, two days after the Ministry of justice announced the appointment of Robert Mueller will lead the probe into the Russian interference in the election of 2016.

Dubke part of the efforts to some of the more Washington-savvy and message discipline in the management of was arrival. The thesis that Trump’s inner circle and campaign team lacked the right finger tips to play the finesse game of Washington.

The administration has decided to go a different way then.

Instead, you get press statements such as this from the White house, spokeswoman for the WaPo for an article about Trump mistreat his employees: “President Trump has a magnetic personality and exudes positive energy that is contagious to the people around him,” she said, adding, for good measure: “He is brilliant, with a great sense of humor.”


Well, if this is a kind of “Dianetics” cover feed, you are looking for from your speaker, it certainly is easy to get. To find people who has flat been the most powerful person in the world, never a challenge.

What has, however, always a challenge for every President the search for competent people to tell you the truth, especially when those truths are uncomfortable.

If the team from the campaign is back on top and the press-shop is to not be able to praise Trump’s magnetism and brilliance, we assume that the telling of uncomfortable truths is much on the agenda now.

It has always been a school of thought in some Trump Fans, that what he needs is to give free rein to and the efforts to trim to force his Tweets to him, keep talking points, you are wrong. The reasoning goes that, if it was good enough to win the election, it should be good enough to rule.

But that’s not how it went.

In the two weeks after the revelation of the tape, in the Trump joked about sexual assault with an entertainment reporter, the Republican candidate, a Twitter was a wild man. How to be a ruckus with the parents of slain Army Ranger in Iraq, Trump remained on the attack… and his poll numbers were in decline.

But then, on Oct. 22, Trump went to Gettysburg, and after some kvetching, delivered a speech on his priorities as President. This was followed with his “contract with the American voters” and other normal-sounding campaign. He gave demonstrations, avoided interviews and generally well-behaved.

And perhaps most important, he cut his volume of tweets dramatically. Trump has been firing deactivated, an average of almost 10 tweets per day between the time the keys tape showed up, and his Gettysburg redress. From Gettysburg to the election day, the average daily number was less than six.

Trumps new message discipline coincided very nicely with the final debacle of his opponents-campaign – Yes-no-maybe-so the nits re – recording of the probe in its abuse of state secrecy, and set to win it in position, the most amazing surprise in modern political history.

Maybe he did it himself, but it requires that someone at least helped convince trump that in the Wake of the damaging revelation that he should button things up a little. And it turns out you were right.

The WSJ reported that Muller wasting no time, still in the process of his investigation in progress. And that should be a very good thing for a White house, now have a pat answer to every question about Russia. The line would relieve the rates of “full cooperation”, “looking forward to the conclusions,” very”,” and “no further comment at this time.”

But instead, that the President and his team help their opponents by new gusts of wind, the help, the story in the height. Reporters are not going to give up on this story, but the President will helps to a self-destructive course to keep the story going.

It would help to have the President to say to the people around him to show him how much. But it is no matter, the courtiers closest to the throne, when he told him, unfortunately, the news is cause for exile.

“The security is the most powerful Director of national conduct. Even the ardent love of liberty will, after a time, his bidding.” – Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 8

History: “On this day in 1806, future President Andrew Jackson kills a man who accused him of cheating on a horse race bet and then insulted his wife, Rachel. Time Jackson, already served in Tennessee’s Senate and was practicing law at the time of the duel, as the argumentative, physically violent and loves duels to resolve conflicts described enjoyed. Estimates of the number of duels that Jackson participated ranged from five to 100. Jackson and [Charles Dickinsonwere rival horse breeders and southern plantation owners with a long-standing hatred of each other. Dickinson accused Jackson of reneging on a horse bet, calling Jackson a coward and an equivocator. Dickinson also called Rachel Jackson a bigamist. (Rachel Jackson had not married, her first husband had failed to finalise their divorce final.) After the insult to Rachel, and a Declaration published in the “National Review” , in which Dickinson called Jackson a worthless scoundrel and a coward, Jackson challenged Dickinson to a duel.”

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Trump’s net job approval rating: -14.6 points
Change from prior week: +2.6 points

The hill: “President Trump on Tuesday called for the Senate to end the filibuster and allow legislation to pass with a simple majority, saying it would help his agenda to pass ‘quickly and easily’…. . In fact, the GOP pass health care bills and tax can vote for reform with a 51-majority, if the Republicans are able to reach agreements among themselves. Trump called earlier this month for the end of the filibuster, are passed essentially 60 votes for a law that requires a draft to the Senate. ‘The reason for the plan-negotiations between the Republicans and Democrats is not that we are 60 votes in the Senate, there! We will choose either more Republican senators in the year 2018 or the rules change, which is now 51%. Our country needs a good shutdown in September to fix a mess!’, he wrote at the time. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to say shot down trump, the call of the time, ‘this is not going to happen.'”

Slowly, tax revenues mean the debt ceiling due to the much earlier than expected –
Politico: “President Donald Trump of the top economic aides urge Capitol Hill leaders to raise the debt ceiling by the end of July. And the Congress is completely unprepared. Lawmakers in both parties thought that they have to act up in the fall, and had planned, to the role of the always-difficult vote in a larger spending package that could be swallowed more easily. … The White house request increases the prospect of a bruising battle over the debt limit — not only between Republicans and Democrats, but within the two parties. The GOP is torn, whether to combine you to lift cuts with the debt brake, and Senate Democrats are already signaling they will push for their own concessions, because their votes will be needed to avoid a disastrous government default.”

Report: White house preparing to move, to roll back Obama’s Cuba policy – Daily Caller: “President Donald Trump is set to announce a rollback of the former President Barack Obama‘s policy towards Cuba, The Daily caller has learned. Two sources told TheDC that the development, due to the behind-the-scenes efforts of a Republican, Florida sen. Marco Rubio, democratic New Jersey sen. Bob Menendez , and the Republicans in Florida, Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart. This information is derived from an anti-embargo group, who spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed Sunday by John Kavulich of the non-partisan U.S. – Cuba Trade and Economic Council.”

WaPo: “It started with a tweet. On Saturday, President trump , much of the world is on the edge, when you said on Twitter that its long-awaited decision on whether to leave the United States to the Paris climate agreement in the next few days. It was the start of the tweet, thousands of supplication. Trump has previously indicated that a decision on Paris was without consequences, but the world takes this latest message (of an impending announcement seriously. With a new urgency, a chorus of voices, the closing arguments rose over the Memorial Day weekend in social media, on television and, especially, in private meetings and letters with the President urging him to stay or to go, the accord. … On Sunday it was leaked to the Financial Times that the oil company once run by Trump’s Secretary of state, in a letter to the Trump administration reiterated its desire to remain for Trump in the agreement.”

Trump hits back at Merkel remarks about the unreliability of the United States – Politically: “Fresh from his first trip abroad as President, in which he spent time in two meetings with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter on Tuesday that the U.S. relationship with Germany is very bad for the USA’ and ‘modified.’ …Tuesday morning, Trump went back to Germany in a post on Twitter… ” We have a MASSIVE deficit in trade with Germany, and they pay FAR LESS than they should. on the NATO & military Very bad for the USA The change is,” he wrote…”

Trump’s interview with the former TSA Administrator, John pistol for FBI Director – USA Today

Portland mayor want to cancel, pro-trump rally to white supremacy is to attack the GOP threatened to use the militia, the security forces – The hill

Chaos, threats, and protests mar the end of the Texas legislative session – Austin American-Statesman

Pence sees buck up base with a campaign-style stops this summer – Politico

White House roll-back-birth-control-mandate for faith groups – NYT

White house looks to axe civil rights unit in the Ministry of labour – WaPo

Sen Ben Sasse, R-Neb. on what the Republican party stands for – Red State

“I don’t go through all of this. This is how you respect yourself.” – The French President, Emmanuel Macron in an interview with a French newspaper, in which he stated that the hostile handshake between himself and Trump. Macron said he was ready to try for a Trump to his custom, to give an overwhelming grip to show dominance in public meetings.

“I always had the impression that what we created today as a Memorial Day for the observance of Confederate women, which gave the day its original name, Decoration Day.” – Kevin McNamara, Darlington, Md.

[Ed. Note: that’s right, Mr. McNamara! Decoration Day, the practice of garlanding the graves of the daughters of the Confederacy, before Memorial Day. But what is the Grand army of the Republic, indeed, was not only the General practice, on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line, but also to make it an official holiday. I love the pictures from the 1930s of the dried-up veterans in blue and gray come together and remember their fallen comrades. If our country could in the past, the tragedy, I’m optimistic that we can bear our present problems.]

“As someone of integrity, too much is not it seems in the news today, do you (or would you) could you make a list of YOUR Top 5-news-media/journalists? Those outlets or journalists that you read and respect for their integrity. (Outside of Fox News, of course, I can’t make this easy for you!)” –Ronnie Burttram, Wilsonville, Ore.

[Ed. Note: I would not dare! Five is too little. I follow hundreds of journalists and news agencies on Twitter and subscribe on-line to maybe a dozen news agencies, including some for which I will pay a good sum for the privilege. One of the key here is to not drink to the shallow pool. Take in news agencies and journalists, the fair-minded and thorough, even if you think you may not agree with their point of view. And that is what we try to reflect for you here: A broad look at several outlets to give you a quick snapshot of the ever-churning hurricane of news.]

“Would you be so kind, a link to a photo of Melania Trump from West Virginia black bears? On almost any given day of the week your mid-term report is the most informative and entertaining thing I’ve read.” – Carl Grafton, Pike Road, Alabama.

[Ed. Note: Everyone knows that the best black bear found in West Virginia, and so it was no wonder that Dana’s would find Mama, a pretty creature deep in our forests. But you also know how to make a lovely pose.]

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“What it does not understand the trump card is that we are not from the Marshall plan, or NATO, or 70 years at the helm of the largest free nation in the Alliance in the history out of a sense of altruism. The point of the leader of the bloc was – what we are – and that is prosperous, free, and it lightens the load.” – Charles Krauthammer on “special report with Bret Baier.”

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