WHO, Tanzania, and refuses to share data on potential ebolapatiënten

Tanzania refuses to share information about the potential ebolapatiënten in the country, reports the world health organization (WHO) on Sunday. The organization is concerned, since it is an African country bordering the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), where the disease is already two-thousand-lives it has claimed.

At the end of August, the dengue fever virus in south-eastern Congolese province of South Kivu, increasing the risk of infection for the population of Tanzania is growing all the time.

WHO would be more than one request have to be submitted in order for the data to analyze it in order to help fight this disease, but that the Tanzanian authorities to refuse to co-operate, write down the WHO, in a statement.

In the Drc within a year’s time, more than two thousand deaths due to the disease. In total there are at least three thousand people became infected. It’s the deadliest outbreak ever of the country.

The WHO called the situation is already out of an “international public health emergency”. Did the organization, only four times previously.


Ebola outbreak in dr Congo: Why will the virus ever go back?

‘Too many children have died in the ebola’

Among the fatalities, many children are, however, the Local department of public Health could not find reliable data to show it. Now, an experimental vaccine will be tried in the spread of the dengue fever virus in check.

The attempt was met with a lot of obstacles within the Local community, as citizens, have little faith in the emergency services.


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