Who is the Mole? 2019: These are the candidates

From Saturday, the nineteenth season of Wie is de Mol? to see. sets the ten candidates for this year participate in the program.

Evelien de Bruijn

The 44-year-old Evelien de Bruijn began her career versatile: she has worked at Arbeidsvitaminen as a producer, was manager of the band Of Thick Wood and presented at the regional broadcaster. It was in 2006, a fixed face of the SBS6-news Heart of the Netherlands and was seen in the late edition of Shownieuws. Since two years she is the presenter of the Top 2000. Until recently she was also featured on WNL (NPO Radio 2) in the show ‘t Is Now, but recently made it known that they would stop.

Evi Hanssen

The Flemish Evi Hanssen (39) began in her homeland as a vj at TMF and presented then in several radio and television programs. From 2006, she was also on the Dutch television show as host of Expedition Robinson, at that time still with both Flemish and Dutch candidates. In 2014 she began as a presenter of 3 on the road and in the same year, she moved also, and with Matthijs van Nieuwkerk in De wereld Draait door.

Jamie Trenité

The 28-year-old presenter Jamie Trenité regularly to see if tafelgast in DWDD. In addition, he presents since 2017 together with Eva Koreman and Maurice Lede the science programme Jules Unlimited. Prior to his television career played tennis Trenité at a high level, and he completed a degree in politics.

Merel Westrik

Newsreader Merel Westrik (39) began her career at the Amsterdam broadcaster AT5, where they include the news presented. Later, she stepped over to WNL and presented together with Eva home cooked apple pie the ochtendnieuws in Today. Westrik since 2014 to see if the presenter of the news at 19: 30 on RTL and is thus the successor of Suzanne Bosman.


The 28-year-old singer Nielson was known for his participation in the talentenprogramma The best singer-songwriter of the Netherlands. He didn’t win, but scored a hit with his song Beauty & the brains. Also he achieved success with the singles Sexy when I dance, How (a duet with Miss Montreal) and Mannenharten (a collaboration with the BAND). His third album, Diamond was released in 2018.

Nikkie de Jager

The 24-year-old Nikkie de Jager, better known under the name of NikkieTutorials, was known by her English make-upvideo’s that they since 2008, share it on YouTube. In 2015, her success may be even greater, thanks to her Power of Make-up video, in which she was one half of her face had drawn up, and the other half not. This video is now more than forty million views. In 2017 did The Hunter to the Dutch game, The Big Escape.

Rick Paul van Mulligen

The 37-year-old actor played more at the National Theatre and was known nationally by the popular series A’dam-E. V. A in which he the role of Harm-Jan took. Also he did from 2013 to 2017 to join as a permanent member of the team in The Grote Improvisatieshow. Soon he will appear in the international HBO series Grisse.

Robèrt van Beckhoven

The oldest participant this year is Brabant baker and patissier Robèrt van Beckhoven (57). He carries both the title of Master Pastry chef as a Master Boulanger. In 2012 he made his televisiedebuut as a jury member in the kinderbakshow CupCakeCup and since 2013, he fulfills the same role in the popular programme, all of Holland Bakes.

Sarah Chronis

Actress Chronis (32) played roles in, among others, on the Way to Tomorrow, Divorce and Flikken Maastricht. In 2014 she played the lead role in the thriller extremely dangerous, the opening film of the Dutch Film Festival in Utrecht. Also she was seen in the series of Girls of the Herengracht.

Sinan Can

The 41-year-old Sinan Can is an investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker at BNNVARA. He travels to conflict zones in the Middle East. In 2015 he was with the documentary blood brothers (bloedbroeders) is nominated for the IDFA Documentary Awards. Can made in addition, the three-part series of The Arab Storm.

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