Who is Hiral Tipirneni? What do you know about the Arizona-congressional candidate

Hiral Tipirneni, a Democrat, is running in Arizona’s special house election. She is a cancer research advocate and former emergency physician.

(Celina Medina, via AP)

Dr. Hiral Tipirneni has never run for public office before, but she believes her skills as a cancer research advocate and doctor are exactly what she needs, Washington, DC

Tipirneni, a Democrat, is running against former state Sen. Debbie Lesko, a Republican, for an open seat in Arizona’s 8th congressional district. The position has been vacant since December, when GOP Rep. Trent Franks resigned amid a sexual misconduct scandal.

Prior to the April 24 special election, here are five things to Tipirneni.

Tipirneni is a former emergency physician

Tipirneni was inspired to go into medicine after suffering a children’s disease, which, according to her campaign website. She would eventually earn her medical degree from northeast Ohio Medical University and serve as a chief resident at the University of Michigan in the emergency medicine program.

After that she moved to Arizona with her husband, also a doctor, Tipirneni worked in several local emergency departments, including: Banner Good Samaritan, Maricopa County Medical Center, Banner Thunderbird, and Abrazo arrowhead hospital.

It is dedicated to cancer research

Hiral Tipirneni her career has been dedicated to cancer research.

(Celina Medina, via AP)

Tipirneni lost both her mother and nephew to cancer, she told Fox News in an interview. And it is because of those losses that you are taking your career to cancer research.

Tipirneni leads teams of doctors, representatives of patient organisations and researchers “in the fight to treat and cure breast cancer, prostate cancer and leukemia in childhood,” she said on her campaign website.

It is those skills you honed in on as a doctor and a cancer research advocate – together with a group of different people with different perspectives to help patients – she wants to go to Washington.

Tipirneni also serves on the board of directors of the Maricopa Health Foundation.

You are not taking care of partisans to fight

Tipirneni know that of the 8. Constituency as a conservative and President of the Trump it has to win by 21 per cent. But she said she is not interested in partisan bickering and wants to work with other legislators, to the best of the components represent.

“A lot of people feel alienated. I would fight in your name and not fight for ideology.”

– Dr. Hiral Tipirneni

“One of the big reasons why I decided to run, I’m so frustrated by the lack of progress, the discord, and to stand solely on a partisan [floor],” Tipirneni said Fox News.

“I am pleased to bring people together, to lead the table to have a conversation,” she continued. “A lot of people feel alienated. I would fight in your name and not fight for ideology.”

Tipirneni in the United States came from India

When she was 3 years old, Tipirneni and her family migrated to the United States from India, after their campaign. And despite the degree of their parents held, it was a challenge, financially as well.

“Your parents, the search for the American dream, because they knew that the United States was a place where if you worked hard and lived according to the rules of democracy, you could be successful, no matter where they come from,” reads her campaign website.

This experience also shapes their position on immigration. She said that while she believes the United States needs to secure its borders, it also ” must remain a land of opportunity for those who are ready for you.”

Tipirneni has called for a solution to DACA and comprehensive immigration reform. She said she is in contrast to Trump’s proposed border wall, as she believes that the funding for it “would be better spent to secure our borders in other ways.”

This is their first political campaign

While Tipirneni has been run voluntarily for other campaigns – including the work phone banks, voter registration drives, and election advertising parts of the city – this is the first time, the doctor is running for public office.

“The reason why I’m here, because I’m a part of, as well as in this district, and I have spent many years frustrated, feeling that I don’t have a voice in DC,” she said.

Kaitlyn Schallhorn is a Reporter for Fox News. You can follow her on Twitter @K_Schallhorn.

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