Who is Debbie Lesko is? What do you know about the Arizona-congressional candidate

Debbie Lesko, a Republican, was a state representative and senator. Now she is running for Congress.

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Running as a Republican in the special-Arizona-house-races, Debbie Lesko knows her district and has experience in the representation on the state level.

Lesko is running against Democrats Hiral Tipirneni in the April special election. The congressional seat became vacant after Republican Rep. Trent Franks joined in December.

Prior to the April 24 election, here are five things to know about Lesko.

It is involved in the state Republican party for some time

Lesko recently joined as a state senator, a position she held for three years to run for Congress. Previously, she was a state representative for six years.

Lesko, a mother of three children, began her career in Republican politics first, with an elected volunteer position as the district Republican Chairman. Later, she would become a county Republican officer, and then a state of the Republican officer.

“I was really busy,” Lesko told Fox News. “If the opening of the legislature in 2008, came to the people up to me and asked if I wanted to run, and I won.”

As a representative of the state, she completed a golf-cart parade

A woman rides in a golf cart with her dog in Sun City, Arizona in the year 2013.

(Reuters/Lucy Nicholson)

Lesko said that you have a good reputation, in order directly to address their voters concerns – even when it came to golf cart regulations.

In the year 2014, a representative of the state is, Lesko lobbied for a legislation that allows people to drive golf carts – the preferred mode of locomotion in the large retirement communities stand along the side of the road. To registered the time, more than 30,000 golf carts in Maricopa County, Arizona, and up to 50 percent of the households in Sun City, a large retirement community, a golf cart, according to the Arizona Republic.

Inhabitants, together with Lesko and then-Gov. Jan Brewer, celebrated with a parade of more than 100 golf carts.

She is passionate about domestic violence issues

As a survivor of domestic violence, Lesko says she recognizes the importance of speaking about the Problem, and ensure that other women do not know that you are not alone.

“Domestic violence is a very widespread problem, and it happens to the best of can said,” Lesko. “It doesn’t matter what your status is, what their education is completed.”

“It happens to so many women, and I just want to know you, you can come and be successfully, because I did it,” she said. “I am the living proof.”

“It happens to so many women, and I just want to know you, you can come and become successful, because I made it. I’m living proof.”

– Debbie Lesko

Lesko said she is not sure whether there is much Congress in terms of legislation to combat domestic violence.

“You can’t legislate, said the behavior of the people,” she said. “I think those of us who came out of the situation, it is only important that we meet with other women and tell them to just get out, because chances are, it will be better [in the relationship].”

She added, “There is hope. You have a future. There are organizations out there to help you, to help you stay financially, you a place.”

Lesko in front of several campaign Finance complaints

Lesko two of the federal campaign finance complaints.

The most recent, filed with the Federal Election Commission, the campaign Legal Center, claimed that her transfer of $50,000 from their state campaign, was an independent group, the save almost all the money to your Congress run illegal.

Phil Lovas, 11 Republican candidates defeated by Lesko in the primary, earlier, a similar FEC complaint.

“All I can say is we can do everything legally,” said Lesko. “I have one of the best, if not the best, choice-lawyer-team companies on my campaign. And I am very grateful that the voters of the last-minute false accusations against me.”

She’s already raked in dozens of endorsements,

Lesko is the campaign website offers dozens of endorsements, from elected officials and conservative and anti-abortion groups, including Concerned women for America, the National right to life and the Susan B. Anthony list.

Brewer, who celebrated with Lesko, if she won the primary in February, was also approved, the former state legislator, according to Lesko the campaign website.

Rep. Jim Jordan’s office confirmed to Fox News that the Ohio Republican has endorsed Lesko as well.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Kaitlyn Schallhorn is a Reporter for Fox News. You can follow her on Twitter @K_Schallhorn.

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