Who is Ayanna Pressley, the Massachusetts Congress is full of hope, ready to make history?

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Far-left Challenger unseats 10-term Congressman in the mass.

Ayanna Pressley upsets Michael Capuano in the Massachusetts House primary; Jessica Tarlov, and Kayleigh McEnay respond to ‘Fox & Friends.’

After winning their first election, Ayanna Pressley, a more progressive wife, the making of a President of the Congress of deputies on their way, the story was still.

Pressley, 44, upset longtime Rep. Michael Capuano in Massachusetts’ Democratic primary on Sept. 4 – all of which will ensure her a place in the history books as the state, the first black woman in Congress in elected. No Republicans in the race.

“This is a battle for the soul of the party and the future of our democracy,” she said after her victory. “This is a revolutionary candidacy, a grass-roots coalition. It is wide and varied and deep. People from every walk of life.”

In their primary campaign, Pressley was approved, and in comparison to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a young democratic socialist, who rose to prominence when they ousted the longtime Democratic Republic of Joseph Crowley in New York in the primaries earlier this year.

As Ocasio-Cortez, Pressley growing cries opened up within the Democratic party for newer and more diverse leadership. Capuano, 66, has only served to 7. congressional district since 2013, but had to represent, 8. District for 14 years.

Read on for a look at what you need to know about Pressley.

You could Deputy, the first black person to Congress from Massachusetts

With no Republican running in the General election, Pressley is poised to be the first black Congressman from Massachusetts. But she has not said that is what their campaign.

“I’m black and a woman, and a tremendous beam strength to be proud of both of you. But I have never asked anyone to vote for me because I’m black and a woman,” she told Elle magazine. “I ask people to look at me because I will pledge to be a voice, a voice, and a partner. I am asking the people to vote for me, because I am an activist, leader and problem-solver.”

With 5 days until election day, I am so proud of what we have built, and so humbled by your support. I believe in the power of us.#Change cantwait #MA7

— Ayanna Pressley (@AyannaPressley) August 30, 2018


The last time for a surprise occurred in a Democratic primary in Massachusetts was in the year 2014, when Seth Moulton Rep. John Tierney defeated in the 6. Constituency.

Pressley is a member of the Boston City Council

Pressley was the first to become a member of the Boston City Council in 2009, as the first woman of color elected to the legislature, which, according to her campaign website.

While on the Council, Pressley founded and chairs the Committee on Healthy women, families, and communities, a group that addresses the public health, particularly in relation to youth, families, seniors, and women. It also deals with domestic and sexual violence, trafficking, sexual and reproductive health, and child abuse.

On your campaign website, Pressley notes, she is a survivor, but The New York Times reported that, while they focused on, to help others, the victims of sexual assault, she does not speak much about their own experiences.

“I just kept going at it, like millions of people do every day, because life allows you to do anything,” Pressley told the newspaper, adding, “The people closest to the pain, which should be closest to the power.”


She has also worked to pregnant and parenting Teens to determine policy as well as the sexual health curriculum for Boston Public Schools, which, according to her campaign website.

You want the abolition of ICE cream

Pressley has a growing list of Democrats who have called for the abolition of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agency – especially under President Trump management This decision secured the support of Maura Healey, Massachusetts popular attorney general, repeated the Trump administration sued in an attempt to prevent certain policies, including immigration.

“My mother didn’t raise me to ask permission to lead.”

– Ayanna Pressley

“We have to disrupt our democracy and our politics and how we run and elections to win,” Pressley told The Associated Press, and added: “My mother didn’t raise me to ask permission to lead.”

Her mother is the catalyst for your campaign

In interviews and campaign materials, Pressley credits her mother for the reason why you got into politics. Pressley was raised by a single mother in Chicago, who “instilled in her the value of civic participation,” according to her campaign website

“Raising draw me as a single father, my mother has many jobs. Most of them had to do with the improvement and the achievement of our community and society,” Pressley Elle said. “I grew to see that you are active in the ministries at our Church, with the homeless, social workers with older people, with young people who, as children, the rights of the organizer with the Urban League of Chicago. You got me with your voice in every election.”


“Public service and community organizing and movement building is a part of my DNA, that it is really hard. It’s all I’ve ever known, and the only way that I ever wanted really, to make a contribution to the world,” she said.

Pressley worked for other famous Massachusetts politicians

Prior to her election to the Boston City Council, Pressley, Joseph Kennedy II as a senior aide worked for former Rep., according to her biography. Kennedy, a Democrat, represented Massachusetts in Congress until 1999. He was succeeded by Capuano.

Also, you used to work for John Kerry, a former Massachusetts senator, secretary of state and 2004 Democratic presidential candidate. According to The New York Times, Kerry’s Massachusetts political Director during his presidential candidacy.

And when you ran for city Council, Kerry knocked on doors for you, The Times reported.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Kaitlyn Schallhorn is a Reporter for Fox News. You can follow her on Twitter: @K_Schallhorn.

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