Who gets to be the next British prime minister the Brexit issue presented?

Now the British prime minister, Theresa May, her departure has been announced, the big question is, who by the Conservative y will be elected as her successor. Brexit-hawk Boris Johnson is well-liked. Three questions about the leiderschapsrace.
1. Who are there in the race for the premiership?

Johnson is not the only Tory (Conservative politician) prime minister wants to be. Jeremy Hunt, his successor as minister of Foreign Affairs, announced Friday his candidacy, as well as minister of International Development, Rory Stewart, member of parliament, Esther McVey. Health Minister Matt Hancock did that on Saturday.

Saturday night added the former Brexit-minister Dominic Raab his name to the list, just as the prominent member and ex-Lagerhuisvoorzitter Andrea Leadsom

All the above mentioned politicians are in favour of the Brexit. Hunt, Stewart and Hancock golden first as members of the Remain-camp, but were later a turn. Johnson, Raab, Leadsom and McVey were from the outset for a British retirement.

Is expected to will still be certainly a dozen other candidates to report. There are heavyweights when, as Environment minister, Michael Gove, secretary of state Sajid Javid and defense minister Penny Mordaunt.

In a recent survey by the British newspaper The Times said 39 percent of the surveyed Conservatives on Johnson to to vote. That is a considerable advantage on the number two in the poll, Dominic Raab, which is 13 percent. Also the bookies give Johnson the best chance at the premiership.

The striking Boris Johnson, the ex-minister of Foreign Affairs, is the top favourite to Theresa May to replace. ()

2. Who is favourite Boris Johnson?

The 54-year-old Johnson started his career as a journalist and columnist. He wrote, inter alia, the European Union and in the United Kingdom known as one of the few openly eurosceptic journalists in Brussels.

Johnson was for eight years the mayor of London, from 2008 to 2016. He managed to get himself popular among the inhabitants of the capital. After his departure, he was one of the most prominent figures within Vote Leave, that in the run-up to the referendum in 2016, campaigned for a British retirement.

Previous attempt premier to be thwarted by ‘betrayal’

After the referendum and the departure of prime minister David Cameron did Johnson attempt to succeed him. The attempt was torpedoed when his friend Michael Gove him a dagger in the back put: Gove made on the morning that Johnson, his campaign wanted to launch is known not to have confidence in Johnson’s leadership, and introduced himself also a candidate.

The Conservative y avoided a civil war within the party by ‘safe choice’ May premier. Johnson was minister of Foreign Affairs in the cabinets May I and -II.

‘Flapuit and vreemdganger’

The striking, Johnson has the reputation that he at inopportune moments talkative. As minister he allowed himself on occasion ondiplomatiek. He said that a British-Iranian, which in 2016 was arrested during a family visit in Iran, where it was to journalists to lead. That did her case no good by the Iranian authorities, who her had been accused of espionage activities. The woman is still trapped.

Also came frequently in collision with premier May about her Brexit policy. When another dissident on that front, Brexit-minister David Davis, in July 2018 resigned, also served Johnson resign.

In addition to his verbal missteps, is the usually jovial politician frequently accused of racism and sexism as a result of his columns. His reputation was further damaged by a number of extramarital affairs.

Popular among party members, less among colleagues

Johnson evokes strong feelings of dislike for a part of his parliamentary colleagues, but other prominent figures say behind him. The row with Gove, for example, appears to have been settled. In addition, Johnson is popular among the party members.

In regards to the Brexit Johnson is clear about his plans: he wants the European Union to force negotiations on a uittredingsakkoord to reopen, although Brussels that excludes. If that does not work, then hunts the prospect of a hard Brexit, without a deal, him no fear, said Johnson.


Theresa May leaves: Her turbulent reign

3. How does the Conservative leiderschapsverkiezing in his work?

Given the premature departure of May, her replacement as party leader is automatically prime minister. May depart on 7 June. Candidates have until the week of June 10, the time to make themselves known to. A candidate must be nominated by two Lagerhuisleden.

When three or more candidates – as is now the case – will be a series of votes held among Conservative members of parliament. After each vote the candidate with the lowest number of votes removed, until two candidates remain. The members of the Conservative y, point then with one vote per post the winner.

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