Whitening toothpaste works according to the Consumer not

Whitening toothpaste works according to the Consumer not

The use of whitening toothpaste has little sense, but is much more expensive.

The Consumers ‘ association compared the twelve whitening toothpastes and two ordinary pasta with thirty subjects each toothpaste a month polished. The whitening toothpastes did not, or hardly, so let the bond Monday know.

In total, 420 tests performed involving 26 cases, by dentists it was found that the teeth are slightly lighter. The positive beat however, not a single remedy and also came for a regular toothpaste.

All tested pastes purified, but bleekten not. The toothpaste from Aquafresh worked according to the test the best and got a 6.7 as a final judgment, in all areas. Really whiter the teeth, however, not of: in the field of witmaken scores the toothpaste a 2.8.

The lowest figure is for the most expensive pasta in the test: Oral-B 3d white luxe perfection scores a 4.3 on all areas and must include 4 euro cost.

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