White: “When I was in the world cup final, then, can I see a coin pick it up”

Into the White, does not mean that they have the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in athletics in Doha, and can surprise you with a story. The Dutch record-holder in the 400 meters for the past few months, confidence was gained, in particular with a third place finish at the Diamond League competition in Zurich.

“My goal is to have a place in the final of the world cup. And if I make it to the final stand, then I can just be. But the eighth is also possible. The hotel is located close to one another, anything is possible,” said the 27-year-old White, who, on Monday, the action will be in the series, and the 400 meters at the Dubai International Stadium.

Two years ago, it was The White one, too, at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in London, but when she got to the final battle is not. It was at this time in the semi-finals is “completely wrong” for the province of Noord-Holland, which are not the fastest starters in the ranks.

“In Europe, the majority of athletes not to fast on the first meters, then I’m not as far behind. But in the world to do with the American and Jamaican women, and they are open, great performances and artists. In London, I was there drowned. I’ve had it when it itself is screwed up, and that it should not happen again.”

The joy in the Video, the White, and after her the bronze race at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, and indoor Parking. (Getty Images)

“It was just the final of the world cup may have been’

The White one has more experience in global competitions and so they are full of confidence for the world cup. With the confirmation that they are on the world stage and can compete for the top post she was given by her to a third place a month ago in Zürich, switzerland.

“That is the third place, it meant a lot to me. I walked over to the olympic-size limit, so that was nice. But above all, I was happy because I was third in a strong field. Of course, not everyone was there, but it could just as easily be the world cup final might have been. I can hear it now, really.”

At the beginning of this year, The White one is also finished third at the european indoors in Glasgow at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, and in 2018 in Berlin, and there was also bronze. “I’ve had a subscription to the third place”, says White with a grin on his face.

“That is the bronze european CHAMPIONSHIP medals, will have my trust, and in the Diamond League and it has shown me that I need to calm down when I’m at the start of the race in the back loop. Mentally, I’m stronger than ever.”

“I’ve got the nerves for a little bit, you’ll be

Nevertheless, it went with The White this year, as soon as in 2018. When she corrected the English record, which now stands at 50,77. Its the best time to be in 2019 at the latest, it is 51,30, and it is more than two seconds slower than the current winner Shaunae Miller Uibo (49,05) of the Bahamas. A couple of other women ran in this year will also be a lot faster than The White one.

“But the times don’t say anything. Prior to the european indoors in march, I was tenth in the European rankings, and I was the third one. There is so much as possible, and that is what I am after. I’ve been meaning to do my first race to be run.”

In the series, and the 400-meter start on Monday at 17.20 hrs. In the semi-finals are on Tuesday and Wednesday for the final battle.

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