White House warns of artificial intelligence on the job market

White House warns of artificial intelligence on the job market

The American White House warns of increasing inequality in the society, by the emergence of artificial intelligence in software.

In a research paper describes to the White House how technology such as artificial intelligence may have an impact on, for example, the job market, as some jobs in the long term by replacing a computer can be.

“If you look at the past decades, you see that there is still more inequality arises,” said Jason Furman, chairman of the economic advisory committee of the White House, according to TechCrunch. “That is partly due to technology. Innovation has recently ensured that people with higher skills are better able to serve.”

The White House describes in the document how the United States can prepare themselves for the emergence of artificial intelligence. For example, is advised to invest in the care of the unemployed, because more people have to find a new job.

The research also suggests people already to train for new jobs, so they’re not places end up where they are by computers to be replaced.

It is unclear how the document exactly in the practice will be used. Early next year, in the united states inaugurated a new president.

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