White house: Stormy Daniels is not believe ‘inconsistent’ Trump, that their claims are “precise”

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White house on Russian expulsions, Stormy Daniels interview

Raj Shah, White House principal deputy press secretary, says the poisoning of a Russian spy in the UK was outrageous and reckless, says the President continues to deny allegations of Stormy Daniels.

The White house said Monday that President Trump didn’t want to believe that the claims of Stormy Daniels in her “60 Minutes” interview, “right” and blasted the adult film star for “not compatible.”

White House Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah, said the President repeatedly has denied having an affair with Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, and behind the accuracy of their statements asks.

“The President does not believe any of the claims Mrs Daniels was in the interview last night,” Shah said during the White House press briefing.

“The President has a strong, clear and consistent, these allegations are denied. The only one is the inconsistent one who claims,” Shah told reporters.

In the interview, which aired on CBS News on Sunday evening, Daniels claimed she had a one time unprotected sexual encounter with a Trump, during a three-shot-gold-competition at the Edgewood Tahoe golf resort in July 2006.

Daniels also claimed on “60 minutes” that she was threatened by a man who approached her in a Las Vegas Parking lot after she sold her story about their alleged sexual encounter with Trump.

“I was in the Parking lot and go to a fitness class with my little daughter, and a guy walked up to me and said to me, ‘Leave Trump alone. You forget the story,'” Daniels in an interview said. “And he leaned round and looked at my daughter and said, ‘This is a beautiful little girl. It would be a shame if something happened to your mother.'”

The White house, the President denied involvement in the alleged incident.

“He understands simply do not believe [the statement],” Shah said. “Because there is nothing to substantiate your claim.”

On the question of whether the President, the interview saw when it aired on Sunday night, Shah said he was not “going to get in this.”

“He has denied consistently, all of the allegations,” said Shah.

Adult film star Stormy Daniels claimed she had an unprotected sexual encounter with President trump in 2006.


In reference to Daniels’ “inconsistency,” Shah referred to a Declaration signed, which is denied by the adult film-star in January, any kind of sexual or romantic affair.

“I have recently become aware of the fact that certain news media that had claimed that I have a sexual and/or romantic affair with Donald Trump many, read many, many years ago,” the statement signed by Daniels. “I am stating with complete clarity that this is absolutely false. My employment with Donald Trump was limited to a few public appearances and nothing more. If I met Donald Trump, he was friendly, professional and complete gentleman to me and EVERYONE in my presence.”

In the last few months, though, Daniels’ has moved position. On “60 minutes”, when asked why you signed that statement, if you knew that it was wrong, Daniels said, she felt intimidated.

Daniels claimed she had dinner at Trump’s hotel, followed by unprotected sex. Daniels, 27, said she was not Trump attracted to, was 33 years older than she was. She claims that Trump offered to you on his NBC show “The Apprentice.”

Daniels detailed the alleged relationship between her and Trump, the say now, it was not included in a single evening. They claimed that they remained in contact, the exchange of phone calls, and Trump invited you to a Trump Vodka launch party in California as well as the Trump Tower in Manhattan.

On the question of the so-called “hush payments” made by the trump organization lawyer Michael Cohen, the White house reporters directed questions to Cohen.

“False accusations are out of court all the time and this is nothing out of the ordinary,” Shah said on Monday.

At the end of Sunday, Cohen’s lawyer, Brent Blakely, sent a cease and desist letter to Daniels, and her attorney, Michael Avenatti, and demanded that you apologize and refrain from the “false and defamatory statements” about Cohen in the future.

Fox News’ Barnini Chakraborty contributed to this report.

Brooke Singman is a political Reporter for Fox News. You can follow her on Twitter at @Brooke FoxNews.

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