Whistleblower lawyer says ’60 minutes’ ‘misinterpreted’ key letter

nearvideo Stephen Miller on White House response to whistleblower complaint to the Democrats’ impeachment push

Stephen Miller, senior Advisor to the President Trump, joins Chris Wallace on ” Fox News Sunday.’

A lawyer, the unknown whistleblower in Congress’ impeachment investigation, it was critically stated by “60 minutes” after the Sunday program and said the program has “misinterpreted” a letter from his legal team that you reported, that his client was under Federal protection.

Mark Zaid, the lawyer, tweeted that the famous news program “completely misinterpreted the content of our letter,” which he linked to from his Twitter post.

The whistleblower claims pose a great threat to the trump presidency. The allegation that the President denied military assistance from Ukraine, and used it, in an effort to soil on the three-piece. The whistleblower also claims that the administration went to great lengths to “bury” a controversial call on July 25 between Trump and the Ukraine, President Vladimir Selensky is.

Trump denies any wrongdoing and said he was just ensuring that the country is known for corruption-was always off on the right foot with your new President.

“60 minutes” reported concerns on Sunday that he received a letter, which showed that the government has a whistleblower under Federal protection due to security.

The report was a PDF file-the Sept. 28 letter from the compass Rose Legal group, to the officer, the Deputy Director of National Intelligence, Joseph Maguire.


The letter says, in part, “The purpose of this letter is to notify formally to you of serious concerns that we have regarding our client’s personal safety. We look forward to their office to activate the support so far, and the corresponding resources, to ensure their safety.”

The letter was not specified, the “support” or “resources” that were offered.

The news program later tweeted that it stood by its “sources and the reporting of the whistleblower.”

Zaid asked whether the program meant the answer that you have a source other than the letter to the legal Department.

“If it’s not, and I don’t know, then it is plug literally. It doesn’t help anyone, especially the #whistle-blower,” he tweeted.

The letter stressed the urgency of the protection of the whistleblower, of the identity and claimed that there is a $ 50,000 bounty for information about the client. The letter was signed by Andrew P. Bakaj, the lead attorney in the case.

“60 minutes” did not immediately respond to an early morning E-Mail from Fox News.

A social media user, the sentence is highlighted in his legal group’s letter, thanked him for Maguire ‘ s office for the activation of the “resources available” to the whistleblowers in the security and asked what was wrong interpreted.

An E-Mail to Zaid was not immediately returned.


Zaid said talks are not yet complete, and we “continue to work w/both parties in the House & Senate & we understand all of the agreement, the protection of the whistleblower, the identity is of the utmost importance.” He said, no time or date has been set.

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