Whistleblower, Chelsea Manning is a free man held by the court to

A U.s. federal judge on Thursday determined that a whistleblower Chelsea Manning must be allowed out of the prison. Manning was, because she had refused to give evidence in a court case surrounding WikiLeaks.

Manning should be on the right directly free a little bit. An application of the ex-military man, to the fines and cancel, which they gave for the rejection of the testimony was to be rejected. Instead, there is an amount of 256.000 usd (229.000 euros in its banks.

They have been released because of the so-called grand jury that she was called to testify has been dissolved. On the night of Tuesday, on Wednesday reported in various media that Manning should have tried to commit suicide in her cell. After that, she would have been admitted to the hospital.

The bell ringer was because she refused to testify in a case about WikiLeaks. Manning spoke out against the process of a grand jury, which is composed of a group of concerned citizens and witnesses, and which witnesses should be heard in the absence of a lawyer. “The idea that there is such a thing as a jury, is not of this time,” she said, as she was before.

Manning was already fixed. They leaked in 2010, as a intelligence officer in Iraq, the sensitive information to WikiLeaks. In 2013, Manning is sentenced to 35 years in prison, but she could be in 2017-free after the intervention of Us president Barack Obama pardons granted.

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