Which water to choose?

Water drinking is trendy. And healthy too. Tap water or bottled water: the choice is yours.

Water drinking is trendy. And healthy too. In Europe, there are currently more than a thousand types of bottled water to purchase. Some waters are enriched with extra certain minerals, magnesium, or calcium, for example, of other it is claimed that they are the perfect complement to a slimming.

We should all believe in? Is water not just water?

Both water from the faucet as well as bottled water must meet strict statutory criteria. There are maximumnormen for the presence of potentially contaminated substances, microbes and certain minerals. Drinking water must be pure, whether from the tap or in bottles is packaged.

One of the main issues is the level of nitrates, mostly from fertilisers. Drinking water should not more than 50 milligrams of nitrate per litre, a figure that by the abundant presence of fertilizers in our country constantly needs to be held. At this point scores of mineral water is often better than tap water: it contains less nitrates. Mineral water is usually taken from great depths, while tap water typically is purified water.

Generally, tap water is just as healthy as bottled water, and moreover it is cheaper. And both contain no calories.

Not all bottled water is mineral water

Source water is untreated natural water from a particular source. It is suitable as drinking water, but offers no guarantee of a stable composition. Sparkling water is water to which carbon dioxide is added. Here, it can go to a source or mineral water, but this is stated on the label. When the label spring water nor bottled water are mentioned, are usually just treated tap water. The beautiful bottle is the only positive.

Most people prefer mineral water, just for the taste. The taste of tap water is not always optimal. Another argument is the ease of use. Bottled water may cost more, it is easy to take, hygienically packed, looks better and want people are best what more for pay, as it turns out.

Mineral water has, by definition, a mineral composition that is listed on the label. One can only speak of mineral water as the mineral content for at least two years remained the same. The mineralisation is dependent on the solubility of the rocks that the water encounters during its underground course, where physical conditions, such as pressure and temperature, play a role. By their mineral composition, may be mineral water certain effects on health. The producer may disclose through legally established claims.

Tap water also contains minerals. Only demineralised or distilled water is completely ‘pure’, but it is also tacky and is not intended as drinking water.


Very weak mineralized water: contains almost no minerals. Useful for infants and pregnant women because of the very low nitrate levels. Also useful in high blood pressure (contains less than sodium), but make sure in that case, for a sufficient supply of calcium and magnesium through the diet.
Examples: Spa, Bru, Montcalm.

Weak mineralized water: contains more minerals than tap water, but has an additional nutritional value for certain substances, including magnesium and calcium. Useful for infants and pregnant women because of the low nitrate levels.
Examples: Chaudfontaine, Evian, Valvert.

Just mineraalhoudend water: sometimes contain more minerals than allowed in tap water.
Examples: San Pellegrino, Vittel.

Highly mineralized water: contains a lot of minerals, more than allowed in tap water. Not suitable for babies and small children and should not be daily drunk. May, in certain circumstances, be useful.

– natriumrijk water (useful after vomiting and diarrhea or excessive heat): Vichy Celestins, Apollinaris.
– sulfaatrijk water (can laxative work): Contrex, Hépar.
– carbonaathoudend water (sometimes recommended with a sensitive stomach): Windtunnel, Apollinaris, Badoit, Vichy.
– calcium-based water: Contrex, Hépar.
– magnesiumhoudend water: Contrex, Hépar, Windtunnel, Apollinaris.

Marleen Finoulst

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