Which do you recognize of Belgian fashion? 3 foreign experts on the word

Designers must of our their origin in the paint? Three foreign fashion professionals to give their opinion.

Pamela Golbin. © Isopix

John de Greef

fashion director of Elsevier Weekly magazine in Amsterdam

‘Example world’

“Belgian fashion designers are known to be very disciplined to work on it. They also have a reputation to keep up, something they continuously continue to succeed. Fashion from Belgium is very diverse, but always of high quality. I myself have a lot of admiration for Dries van Noten and Walter van Beirendonck, who after all the years still a stroke of genius, continued to develop. Young Belgian talent has a lot of luck with such impressive predecessors. As a new designer from Belgium, please note that I always have extra. Not that I’m so strong in nationalities think, but I do see that the Belgians a model for fashion designers worldwide. Also in the Netherlands we can still learn.’

Pamela Golbin

Chief curator of fashion and textiles at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs (MAD) in Paris

The ‘radical break with the spirit of the times’

‘In the eighties and nineties, faced Belgian designers, the international modegemeenschap with a totally different view on aesthetics. Not that they all have the same vision of fashion and gender on nahielden, but each individual vision broke radically with what the spirit of the times to than prescribed. I compare them with the impressionism or abstract expressionism: art movement whose leading figures all have a own style and vocabulary, but by the critics as one movement were seen. What is the origin of a designer is of little importance. Where he studied, often gives a much better indication of what a designer would expect, and Belgium has some excellent modescholen. That play a very large role in the success of Belgian fashion.’

Hirofumi Kurino

Creative consultant and buyer for the Japanese retail group United Arrows

‘Vision and concept’

“Despite their differences, the Belgian designers are often conceptual and philosophical in their approach. But that’s not difficult: I do the work of a young Belgian talent usually understand, have been playing my 25 years of experience with the Antwerp fashion academy, Antwerp and designers may have a role. People like Linda Loppa and Walter Van Beirendonck have at the academy, in any case, fantastic work delivered by the students to encourage them to use their own vision and concept to develop. I miss that sometimes in the present, by Instagrammable trends dominated fashion world. In the long term committing designers thus suicide. Nonetheless, that the interest of the Belgians since the breakthrough of the Antwerp six, only increased.’

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