What you should know before you invest in a tailor-made suit

Buying a suit is a serious investment. It is therefore important to know with whom you’re dealing with. It is a matter of trust, just as you would with your hairdresser or doctor, writes Dominique Vindevogel (CEO Butch Tailors) In Knack Weekend, he does explain that you should watch out when you get a tailor-made suit purchase.

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With the purchase of a tailor-made suit, you should think about the use and for what occasions the suit is intended. It Is a suit ‘to impress’ (e.g. loyalty, event, …) or is it a suit to work and negotiate (e.g. meeting, presentation, …). You will find that you often wear, or do you love it rather for special occasions? The choice of fabrics is decisive, as well as the weight of the fabric.

Important in the wardrobe of every man are the essential basics such as a grey suit, a dark blue blazer and a number of custom pants so that every day, you can alternate and so the life of your investment significantly increases.

In fact, it is your tailor an embodiment of taste, kleurenspecialisatie and technical knowledge. This combination makes you just that little bit different looks than another in a group, and that without style to lose.

Tips & tricks

Essential to finding the perfect suit is the right maatopname:

  • Shoulder, chest : the suit must fit the contours of your shoulder and chest follow. Often comfort (wrongly) associated with a looser suit and you can buy the suit a size too big. But nothing is less true. The combination of the armgat and the position thereof in conjunction with proper shoulder width make a huge difference, and before you are ideal for a tailor.
  • Length : very important is the relationship of the person to look at the legs ( long , short ) as well as the upper body. By the right size, to respect you bring optical a much stronger look forward. Another important point is the length of the arms : the shirt sleeves rolled up should always be a couple of inches are visible under the vestmouw. This makes the person visually look bigger which is always a nice bonus. The same applies for the length of the vest.
  • Number of nodes : How many nodes someone on the vest is a personal choice. The most common model is a two-knoops vest or a 2.5 which is in fact a hidden three-knoops vest . This hidden three-knoops vest is now very much in fashion. At the conclusion of the vest is just the middle button closed. More is “not done “in the pakkenwereld .
  • Number of splits: The use of and the number of slits is also a personal choice. In Europe, a vest, usually two to split while in the United States, but one is. But of course, anything is possible.
  • The lavalier or “Lapel” (left and right teruggevouwen voorpanden, in the extension of the collar: The lapels can be narrow or wide, depending on the choice of the customer. We notice a return to the slightly wider version. Personally, I think this is great: a nod to the 70s look which, among others, personalities such as Tom Ford or Kiton be worn.
  • Pants : Also this is a personal choice. In Belgium, the men have usually slightly narrower legs and they wear their pants a little lower. In other cultures such as India and the Middle East they wear their pants and prefer something higher.

The core of the matter is that a suit is comfortable to sit and feel. A personal tailor makes it possible to have a suit to put together that is adapted to the morphology and style of the customer. Such an investment is more than worth the effort.

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Dominique Vindevogel

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