What you can do to help against the winter blues?

Difficulty standing, fatigue, or depressive feelings are common winterklachten in the consultation of the Evidence, the Pale (47), a general practitioner in Nijmegen, the netherlands. This week, answers the question: is there something to do with the winter blues?

Is that really the winter blues?

“Yes.” Some of the people in the winter and really suffer from fatigue, lethargy, somberte, and difficulty in getting up. This phenomenon is winter blues are called.”

Why do these disorders occur?

“The symptoms are caused by a lack of daylight during the winter months. The days are getting shorter, it’s only a light, it was dark.

Light makes it through all sorts of hormonal processes and for that we have to be fit, happy and alert, and in the morning with energy to start the day.”

In the winter we get so little light in?

“It is especially. Light from the retina of the eye is recorded. In the retina, it sends the next thing you’ll see all sorts of signals to the brain and affects the generation of a variety of materials. Of the happiness hormones dopamine and serotonin, for example.

“In the winter it captures the retina, and less light.”
He’s Pale, gps

“In the winter, and that the signal is weaker, since the retina is less and less daylight and record. That makes sense, and in the winter, also good for the environment is calmer, and for that, we are still a part of it. This can be done with some of the people and for fatigue, and somberte.”

There Is something to do with those winter blues?

“You should try as much as possible to daylight, to get. Go outside when the sun is at its highest point, and make it later in the day for a walk. Move your desk to a place where a lot of natural light.”

It must necessarily be events?

“Yes, in the light of an ordinary light bulb does not contain the proper kinds of frequencies of light, and it has no positive effect on the brain is that of light. And zonnebanklampen contain in particular uv radiation, which is not only very harmful for your skin but also your eyes.

“Go as far as possible to go outside, even on a cloudy winter’s day.”
He’s Pale, gps

“There are, however, special daylight lamps, and lichttherapieapparaten of the light, and the positive effects of natural daylight from the screen.”

“But it will go in the first place, it is simply a lot of to the outside. There to pick, you will always have more “good” light, then the inside. Even on a cloudy winter’s day. And move it! The move has had a positive effect on your mood and mental health.”

Do you have any other tips?

“Our body responds in the same way, with the shorter of the daglichtperiode, as in the days of our ancestors in the caves and lived there. At that time, it was a sign for the people to go to a lower gear and a little less to do. It was a sign that it was winter. And that meant that there was less and less food was available to them, and that was economical and had to be treated with energy.”

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“Today, we are living in the winter in the same pace as in the summer. We have it all. If you are suffering from the winter blues, it is not a bad idea at all to take a step back to turn it on. We have been in the winter just a little less energy than it did in the summer.”

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