What Woodstock has to do with granola

What granola and fresh fruit with some yoghurt: for a lot of people get their daily breakfast. But where is that granola? And how has Woodstock in hell played a role? Great Big Story to look out for you.

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The story of granola begins in the late 19th century. Then began one Dr. James Caleb Jackson of health spa Jackson Sanitarium the grain mixture ‘granula’. Also muesli was in that same period the popular, but traditionally, neither baked nor sweetened. When the product is becoming more and more popular, also jumped Kellogg’s on the cart, but for legal to avoid problems, the company chose the name to granola. The crispy mix experienced short its heyday, but hit then in oblivion. Until the 60s of this century, when it gathered a huge group of hungry hippies in the American town of Bethel.

The organisers of Woodstock had hoped to get to 200,000 attendees, but there were 400.000. Hastily, they had all kinds of initiatives from the ground to be mashed to get all the attendees to be able to feed. The organization enlisted Hugh Romney of the Hog Farm, and the rest is history.

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