What we know about the PlayStation 5 and a new Xbox

Microsoft is set to start next year with a new video game console. We will provide Sony with a new console. This is what we know so far about the Project From Microsoft and the PlayStation 5.

When gamebeurs E3 was for Sony, this year is noticeably absent. The company is gearing up for the new PlayStation.

Microsoft was announcing its new console under the name Project Aid. All the details are on the consoles we already have, we are in a row.

The PlayStation 5 will support 8K resolutions

Sony has up to now been very little released about the new consoles that the company is working on. All We know is that the company has a new PlayStation-in-progress, which is likely to be the PlayStation 5 is going to be called.

That is, the console comes up, that’s for sure. Allegedly appears in the video game console in 2021. Hardwareontwerper Mark Cerny, from Sony, has confirmed that it is in the console and it gave an indication of what we can expect from the next version of the PlayStation portable.

In the first place, there is a significant upgrade in processing power. According to Cerny, it supports the-next-PlayStation, razor-sharp 8K resolution. In order to do this, it works for Sony, along with the hardware manufacturer, AMD. This is the company that will be the chip for the new console will deliver.

With The PlayStation 4. (Photo: Bloomberg)

To play the old games on the new PlayStation

The games have to run on the new PlayStation, there is also a need for more games for them to play in. That’s why Sony has promised that the games that the PlayStation 4 will also be playable on the new console. Also, players have to make their progress in the games, to take home with them.

In addition, it should be the players of these games are quicker to install and load it on the new PlayStation. Sony has confirmed that the new console will have a solid state drive (SSD), with which the loading times are significantly shorter.

It is currently unknown if Sony will do with the new console. Was previously claimed to be Sony’s chief executive Tsuyoshi Kodera that we have the new PlayStation to 2021 need to be.

You Try To Project, Even

At E3 2019, Microsoft has officially Project, Even before the new game console from the company. This is a code-name. What is the successor of the Xbox-One is really going to be called, remains a secret for now.

What we do know is that the new consoles are a lot more powerful than its predecessor, and the new PlayStation-8K-frame supports. In the console, even with a SSD to make load times shorter.

According to Xbox boss Phil Spencer should be the console’s four-times-more powerful than the Xbox One, X, is the most powerful version of the current Xbox. AMD is also in this case, the supplier of the new chip.

Project Of Tara (Photo: Microsoft)

Xbox wants to be the first one

Microsoft has released not only the first new console to be announced, but it will be the new Xbox, rather than the new PlayStation, the stores are located. The company is expected by the end of 2020 as they are released.

If your game console comes out, there’s at least one game to be played, and that was on Halo This time. Furthermore, it is unknown which of the games to the new console to be released.

The company is still vague about how to play Xbox One games on the new console. Microsoft said to be aiming to get as many games available as well, but it does not make any representations about any of the older games on the new machine to play it.

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Microsoft unveils Halo-This time for the Xbox One, and pc

More information is expected to

The new consoles will come in dribs and drabs of information, but a lot of details are still missing. We are still only guessing what the new consoles are going to be called, how they look, and what kind of games we like to play.

It is certain, however, that we will have next year are more clear. If it were up to Microsoft, it appears its the console before the end of the year 2020. The new PlayStation is 5, we need to have a little longer wait, but we will in the coming years, to find out more.

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