What to wear at an Interview?

What to wear at an Interview?

It is a daunting task to figure out what to wear at an interview. After all, it is important to create a good first impression and wear suitable clothes that fit perfectly and boost your confidence. So, let’s have a look what you should wear to an interview.

For Men:

Suits: Wearing a two-piece suit for an interview is the best and safest option. However, do not wear a suit jacket along with pants that do not match. Keep it conventional and choose darker colors.

Shirts: Wearing a white colored long sleeved shirt is best. You could also consider pastel colors.

Tie: It is best to wear a solid striped tie for an interview. After you land the job, there will be plenty of occasions to strut your creative style.

Belts: Never consider going for an interview without wearing a belt. Wear a belt that matches the color of your shoes. Avoid wearing belts with huge buckles.

Shoes: Consider wearing dark colored shoes with dark socks. Make sure that your shoes are polished.

Accessories: Avoid wearing excessive jewelry, like rings and bracelets. Men should only wear a wristwatch, a wedding band if applicable and cufflinks. Less is more and will portray a professional image.

Facial hair: Make sure that your facial hair is properly trimmed and presentable. Ideally a clean shaven look is best for an interview. Many experts believe that beards and mustaches could be a drawback.

Cologne: Only use a small amount of mild and fresh smelling cologne.

For Women:

Suit: Wear a two-piece matching suit in dark gray, navy, brown or black color.

Shirt / Blouse: Consider wearing a cotton or silk top. Avoid dressing provocative and avoid heavily ruffled or laced items.

Hosiery: Consider wearing neutral colors that are semi transparent and compliment your outfit. Try and avoid patterns.

Shoes: Do not wear fashion extremes. Wear a conservative style that you will be comfortable in.

Jewelry: Avoid wearing excessive jewelry. Only wear a pair of earrings, wedding band if applicable and a wrist watch. Remember, less is more and will portray a professional image.

Make up: Do not use too much make up and avoid bright colored lipstick.

Use small amounts of perfume and one that is not too overpowering.

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