What to do against depression? ‘Pills often have no sense’

Depression is one of the biggest health risks in the world. It is estimated that worldwide, around 350 million people suffer from. According to GZ-psychologist and author Bjarne Timonen, we can in a natural way from the valley to climb. He wrote the book The leefstijlgids against gloom.

Why are depressive feelings, as much for?

“Because we are on an unnatural way of life. Today’s society sets high requirements to us. We ourselves also. So we have a lot of stress. We do not sleep enough. We move too little. And we eat unhealthy. If we consider ourselves as peace award, we do that for the television. Our head is always on.”

But depression is a disease? There you need to antidepressants to swallow?

“Depression is indeed a serious condition. It is a sliding scale. Everyone has sometimes suffered from a dip. If that lasts longer than a few days there is something on the basis that the gloom. Then, as a dip, to result in a depression.”

“The drugs dampen the symptoms, not the cause”
Bjarne Timonen, GZ-psychologist and author

“In very severe cases antidepressants are needed to support therapy. They are also designed for. In at least half of the cases have pills makes no sense. Moreover, they have often unpleasant side effects. They mute only the symptoms. As soon as you stopped, the depressive feelings back when you nothing to the cause of those feelings have done.”

And that cause should we look for in the way we live?

“Yes. Depressive feelings often with behaviors: we think negative about ourselves. And we live in unhealthy. Alcohol, for example, has an effect on our mood. Smoking and too little exercise also. When you move, make you namely serotonin and dopamine. The same substances in the brain are increased when antidepressants swallows.”

“Depression often have behavior.”
Bjarne Timonen, GZ-psychologist and author

“It is also easier to make new connections in the brain. The same happens when you meditate. Therefore, the combination of this kind of leefstijlaanpassingen with cognitive behavioural therapy too as well. You can be old habits take to break and new habits take to learn.”

What are the things that we can do even more at a dip?

“Meditate so. Or mindfulness. You don’t really on a pillow to sit down. Walk a little after eating. Or make music. Do not ‘relax’ in front of the television or Netflix. That is not an effective way of relaxing. Your head remains in the ‘on’ mode. It is important to occasionally just to be instead of to do.”

In your book you call a cold shower also, as a tip. Why does that help?

“Cold water after a hot shower increases the amount of norepinephrine in the blood, a hormoonstof that depression is lowered. It provides for a better concentration and alertness. And for a fit feeling. It is easy to find the last minute from the hot tap completely closed. But I know from experience: it is addictive and delicious.”

Why is compassion such a powerful antidote to a dip?

“Who depressive feelings, it is often very busy with themselves. In a negative way. To breaking is self-compassion important. But I see in patients that compassion with others also works very well. By helping others, for example through volunteering, and shifted the focus to the other. That gives breathing space.”

“In addition, it gives a good feeling to do something for others can mean. That contributes to a positive self-image.”

“Unhealthy diet can contribute to a depressed mood”
Bjarne Timonen, GZ-psychologist and author

How can it be that is unhealthy to eat our mood affects?

“Of unhealthy trans fats in cake and frituurproducten is known that they contribute to a depressed mood. That is because they ontstekingswaarden in the blood increase. Proteins that cause certain processes in the brain disrupt.”

Is the reverse also true?

“Yes. With healthy food such as foods high in fibre, vegetables, oily fish, nuts and seeds, the ontstekingswaarden down. And that makes for a better mood.”

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Even more tips?

“Much to the outside for plenty of natural daylight and vitamin D and a weekly half-hour nature. Research shows that a half-hour ‘natuursnuiven’ leads to a significantly lower blood pressure and less depressive feelings.”

“And get enough sleep. You can have a healthy life, if you don’t sleep well, it all has no effect.”

Can people on this way of depression come?

“I see in practice is often that people who have a small leefstijlaanpassingen make in their lives, more positive thoughts. Therefore, some people completely of their depression. For most others, their depression much easier to treat in combination with cognitive-behavioral therapy.”

“Small leefstijlaanpassingen can make people of their depression originate”
Bjarne Timonen, GZ-psychologist and author

“What concerns me would be the concern not only need to focus on the change of mind, but also on the change of behavior. For my book, I have hundreds of scientific articles read. That is my book based. With leefstijlveranderingen you can really achieve a lot.”

Bjarne Timonen is GZ-psychologist. In February he published his book The Leefstijlgids against gloom.

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