What size was Marilyn Monroe actually?

It is often said that universal schoonheidssymbool Marilyn Monroe today plus-size labeled, but is that really true? Mentalfloss dived in to the details of Monroes modeling agency and came to a conclusion that not everyone will like to read.

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The figure of Marilyn Monroe is as much talked about after her death as when she was the center of attention was during the golden period of Hollywood. It is also always the argument surface that Marilyn Monroe, when universal a beautiful woman, today you would have to set with plus-size modeling, and acteerjobs that would be stereotyped as the “beautiful fat friend”. It seems, however, that this claim is only based on her figure – She had a full bosom and hips, that glooiden from her narrow waist – and less on its sizes.

Because her former modeling agency, Blue Book, jotted down the sizes of the 19-year-old Norma Jean as follows: a chest measurement of 91 cm, a waist circumference of 61 cm and a hip circumference of 86 cm. Sizes, which, given its length of 1 meter 65 and weighing 54 kg, perfectly normal. Nevertheless, wrote the secretary in her file that she is “a bit clunky”, and “probably a size 42”. So yes, even back then, was Monroe in the box is pushed, all were her curves, her career never in the way.

In addition, we must also take into account the way in which clothing sizes over time have changed. Just as fashion fluctuates, is that with sizes the same. The matensysteem in the time of Marilyn was not the same as the matensysteem that we know today. You also notice when you go vintage shopping and your body that are normally effortlessly in a 38 zips, not in a fortiesjurkje size 38 lifted.

The dresses and pants at the time were narrower cut because they still carried it would be with a garment that the body is structured and vormgaf, while today there are a lot of vanity sizing*done: garments that are actually a size 40 are to be labeled as 38 to make people feel better while shopping, so they would buy.

Vanity sizing: After the Second world War was a commercial standard is adopted for clothing, but in the 80s it was withdrawn because companies noticed that the vanity of their customers, sales boost gave. The real size of clothing sizes became bigger; where a size 36 in the sixties, corresponded with a body with circumference 78 – 61 – 83 there are today surely already 15 centimetres, so there is also wide for sizes 34, 32, or in America even the famous size zero (or double zero!)

Although Marilyns sizes probably rocked will have during her career are her most common sizes, for that of the agency. And yes, Monroe had sometimes a size 44 requests for a shoot, a detail that today is often caught to prove that the superstar in the plus-size category fell, but that was according to the old standards, that today’s match would come with size 36 to 38 today – and especially because her breasts are quite large. If you have the dimensions view had Monroe probably easily in a modern pants size 34 or 36 gekunnen.

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