What is the role of Trump-confidant Steve Over in the White House?

What is the role of Trump-confidant Steve Over in the White House?

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Steve Over turned out to be one of the most important players in the White House of Donald Trump. What is his background, what is his philosophy and how far does his power actually work?

Steve Over was the chairman of Breitbart News.

The site was founded in 2005 and brings news with a (extreme-)right-wing approach. The site profiled themselves previously, with firsts in the ‘sexting scandal’ around the Democratic politician Anthony Weiner. The former member of the House of Afgevaardigen became discredited because of the sexual photos that he via his Twitter account-wide.

The media proved during the campaign for the American presidential elections more and more a mouthpiece of Donald Trump and the so-called “alt-right” movement, more about that later.

The site calls itself ‘nationalist’.

The interpretation of that term, however, can be very wide to be understood. On the site are regularly texts by critics as racist, anti-semitic, and homophobic be called. They refer to such texts as ‘Political correctness protects the verkrachtingscultuur of muslims’ and ‘gay rights have made us stupider.”

Also, women must often pay for it in texts, Breitbart, witness articles as “Contraception makes women unattractive and crazy’.

Alt-right is not the same as traditional conservatism.

The movement goes further than the protect of the traditional conservative Republican values and standards. The constituency consists of white Americans in a multicultural society, feminism and political correctness, reject and reject.

“They see political correctness on these issues as the biggest threat to their constitutional freedoms,” says a professor who is an extensive study of the movement did. “They see racist or anti-semitic statements not as an act of hatred, but as an act of freedom.”

The movement originated during the presidency of George Bush, as a protest against the American invasion of Iraq. Alt-right is strictly an isolationist: the foreign country must have her own problems to deal with that. Alt-right believes in the free market, something that traditional conservatives do.

The followers of the alt-right have recognized in many statements of Trump, about the criminal Mexicans and the muslims that the freedom of the US to threaten.

Over his right-wing views are not inherited from home.

On the contrary: Over was born in 1953 in a Democratic working-class family. He studied in the seventies, national security studies and obtained in 1983 and an MBA degree at the Harvard Business School.

He served further as an officer in the U.s. navy and worked at the Pentagon as assistant to the Chief of Naval Operations. After working for the investment bank Goldman Sachs, turned Over his own investment bank Over & Co, specialized in media.

On behalf of Goldman Sachs he invested more in Internet Gaming Intertainment, the company that became very rich thanks to the popular game World of Warcraft.

Over distrusts the government.

He founded in the nineties, the Government Accountability Institute, a non-profit organization that is trying weaknesses of politicians. The organization supports these findings precisely and publish them online, or through ‘normal’ media, such as Newsweek or ABC News.

GAI was one of the important ” onthullers’ of the gifts of the Clinton Foundation, one of the topics that Trump during the campaign kept hammering.

The businessman in the nineties have been charged with domestic violence.

His ex-wife, banker Mary Louise Piccard, complained to him in 1996 for more abuse. But the case was eventually dismissed because his ex-wife didn’t show up when the judge of the case treated. In an interview with The New York Times told Piccard later that they didn’t dare to witness after threats of Over and his lawyer.

The businessman himself has always stated that he is not guilty. Over is three times married; all huwelijke walked out on a divorce. Piccard made the separation that they are also the anti-semitic comments of her husband could no longer stand it.

Over denies the climate change challenge, and is anti-abortion.

The advisor of Trump mentioned in articles on Breitbart of the climate problems and the global warming a ‘hoax’. He makes milieuonderzoekers for idiots “in a cynical way mass hysteria”.

In August 2015, published Breitbart an article in which the abortuslobby was compared to the nazis. Especially the organization Planned Parenthood had to pay for that “legally the same moordcijfers generates the Third Reich”.

The zakennman has evolved into one of the most important advisors of Trump.

Over received in August 2016, the leadership of the campaign of Trump. It was his idea to use the social media more as a tool for Trump for his ideas to spread.

When Trump in the White House ended, he appointed Over directly as his closest advisor. At the end of January, a week after his inauguration, the new president Over a place in the National Security council (NSC), the major American institution in the security field. The director of the secret services and the big boss of all armed forces from the board.

Perschef Sean Spicer said in a note that the NSC, not all information of intelligence service to the president would give, but a selection will make of what is important to know.

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The most important decisions that Trump has taken, fit exactly in the vein of Over.

Over seems, without any approval of voters or congress, a crucial role in the American power center to have acquired. From the exceptionally uncompromising inauguration address, which Over mey co-confidential, Steve Miller wrote, the businessman, unmistakably left its mark on the tone of the policy of Trump.

The withdrawal of the support for NGOS that provide information about abortion and the issue of a re-entry ban for muslims from some countries are both things that the ‘alt-right movement is already longer advocated.

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Both Democrats and Republicans are worried about the growing power of Over.

The Democrats in the senate have fiercely opposed the appointment of Over in the NSC. “This is the ‘white supremacy’movement, sitting on the highest machtsniveau of the White House”, they argue. “It is easy to see why the Ku Klux Klan and the new president embraces, as he was one of their figureheads include in his top of close advisers.”

The Republican, Robert Gates, a former top level of Defense, called it “a very big mistake” that Over in the NSC, set, at the expense of real experts with knowledge of international situations.

On social media went cartoons the round in which Trump as a puppet of Over is shown. The hashtag #StopPresidentBannon was quickly trending on Twitter.

Over to find that the press ‘to keep his mouth shut’.

A week after the arrival of Trump as president gave Over a rare interview to The New York Times. Herein he pulled fiercely out to the media, which, according to him “humiliated” would be by the gain of Trump. “You need to shut up and just listen”, he said.

The adviser of the president states that the media “no integrity and no intelligence”. Many journalists emphasised in a comment that the media understand the cornerstone of a functioning democracy forms.

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