What is the effect of hair dye on your hair?

A painting of his for her to have gray hair to cover, and the other because he is of a different color. What does it do to paint it, you do it.

It will be a year, nearly 96 million on hair dye, bought from supermarkets and chemists, selling in the barber shop, and online sales and is not included in the calculation. That’s according to figures from research firm Nielsen.

At the same time, to do it all over hair colour of all kinds of stories, it would be able to provide allergic reactions and in haarafbreuk, and carcinogens. Just to reassure you: that is not true. “Hair colour is one of the best-researched cosmetic products”, shows the FIGHT against Cancer to know. “Hair dye, it is found to be safe by the European scientific committee for cosmetics (SCCP), and as a non-carcinogen considered by the international agency for research on cancer (IARC).”

Hair dye damages your hair

Her painting is so secure, regardless of how good it is for you to do it. “Not everyone will know how much damage it can cause,” says Dylan, the Chef, tricholoog (haarspecialist) in the Haarkliniek in Rotterdam, which is affiliated with the department of dermatology at the Erasmus Medical Center.

“The more you get her to paint, the more chance you have to damage them.”
Dylan, the Chef, tricholoog

“If you get her to paint it first destained to be. This is done with the waterstofdioxide, a chemical substance that is the structure of the hair and scalp and hair disorders. The scales on the outside of the hair need to be closed, but the hydrogen peroxide helps to ensure that they are open. Your hair is looking dull and dry, and frequent to dye your hair is thinning. Also, breaking her in the end and it is you, its so hard to grow. That could be as much as 5 inches of give a damn.”

In addition, it can be hair cells, which are only two millimeters below your skin are damaged, as when the paint on your skin. “We grow weaker and less healthy hair from the damaged cells. Unfortunately, this is the only means of medical treatment to recover.”

What you need to know about hair dye

  • Hair dye does not cause cancer
  • It turned out on your hair is damaging
  • Regular paint will lead to thinning, brittle hair that is so hard growing
  • Hair cells can be damaged by hair dye
  • You can also cause allergic reactions to your hair dye
  • Use a hair dye with less than 5 percent of hydrogen peroxide, hydrogen peroxide, and ammonia
  • Do not use any chemicals, but the natural hair to damage
  • Lets dye your hair by a professional

Not all hair dye is damaging

That may sound severe, but it is not for all kinds of hair dye be just as bad, and there are extenuating circumstances. “There’s paint on the market for less than 5 percent of waterstofdioxide, and ammonia,” says Cook. “It’s a lot less harmful and it’s better to have it. In addition, there is the natural option for your hair hennaproducten to paint.”

Also, does it make a difference how frequently you get your hair to paint it and what other products do you have for your use. “The more you get her to paint, the greater the chance of damage. You can even be a day to paint the scales open, and allow you to dry and frizzy hair to get,” he says.

“The damage you did well down the right skin care products to be used without the use of chemicals. For example, choose a natural shampoo and wash your hair about three times a week. A good shampoo can make the hair cuticles closed and your skin to calm down.”

It can also be painted with natural henna. (Image: 123RF)

Allergic reactions: itching, itching, Itching, and irritation

In addition, damage can hair dyes cause allergic reactions such as itchiness and skin irritation concerns, says dermatologist, Tom, de Groot, specialist in allergy. “In the hair dyes are all chemicals and dyes. It depends on how sensitive you are to these substances or of a reaction it gets. It’s not so much that the chances of a allergy-when you have your hair is more likely to paint. If you are after a number of times, painting is not an allergic reactions, then you apparently have no talent for it.”

The way in which the hair dye is applied it can cause allergic reactions to occur. “It must not have direct contact with the skin of the head,” says The Major. “A good barber takes care of this. Also, there are no harmful chemicals in your hair to be left behind. If you’re at home, you get her to paint it, it is more and more difficult.”

“You can ask the question whether these substances are actually in the hair dye may be, said The Major. “These substances are present, it is because there is no alternative to it. There is, however, a limit is set on the amount of chemicals used in the paint.”

‘Paint will not be at the expense of its

Some people like to have a nice colour, or their gray hairs to reduce. “That may be, but don’t do it at the expense of your hair-tips-Chef. “Question: which hair dye to the hair are used. If it’s a chemical variant it is, just get yourself a good natural hair dye, for example, in a health food store and apply them. A professional can give good advice on what’s best for her.”

If you have to use chemical skin care products, the damage will be limited. “But the best part is you don’t have to paint.”

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