What is the difference between white, black and green tea?

Tea is available in various flavors, colors, editing, and preparation methods. The most known types are black, green, white or rooibos tea, but why are these actually different? And which tea is best for you?

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Despite their major differences are white, green, black, Pu-Erh and Oolong tea all come from the same plant: the Camellia Sinensis. The difference lies in the way the leaves are processed. Listed below are the various teas listed from the least processed to the most processed:

White tea is barely or not fermented and, therefore, almost not edited. Both white and green teas are not oxidized: in place of the leaves bruising to free game to give to the air, leaves just cherished that this would not begin to ‘rust’. The difference in green and white tea lies in the types of leaves that will be used: for white tea, only the younger sprouts. This is a white tea the “purest” and contains all the natural antioxidants. In addition, white tea is very good for the skin, when exposed to this type of your teeth and is good for people with (risk of) diabetes. The tea variety also contains less than caffeine, but also has not as much taste or color.

Green tea is widely praised for its “healthy” character, but the reason for this is mainly the same as that of white tea: the leaves are barely oxidised and to prevent stir-fried (China) or steamed (Japan). Green tea is also packed with catechins (including EGCG and ECGC) which is a antioxidant effect, the metabolism boosting and fat burning in the hand would work.

Oolong tea is partially fermented and will have an additional step in which the leaves bruised or shaken so that there is more flavors are released. Oolong tea leaves can be dark green to black and has a more floral taste. Oolong tea also contains more caffeine and less antioxidants than green or white tea.

Black tea is fully fermented, so the tea leaves are darker and tannins are formed. Black tea generally has the strongest flavor and contains the most caffeine, but the least antioxidants. This tea variety would be good for lowering cholesterol and osteoporosis and should your immune system strengthening, since the theanine in the tea has a unique amino acid that contains bacteria, viruses, and fungi, fights.

Pu-erh tea is after picking and editing in biscuits, pressed, and post-fermented; which is to say that the tea after the original edit, and drying and an additional ripening or fermenatieproces sets. Micro-organisms can act on the tea, in which the structure is chemically a little change – similar to the ripening of cheeses. This is traditionally done process for 10 to 15 years in a regulated, humid climate, but recently it is also customary to make the tea just a few months to ripen. Pu-Erh has this also leads to a richer, more complex flavor, but is also more expensive.


Rooibos from a completely different plant made, namely, the Aspalathus linearis. It is a traditional South African infusion, prepared like black tea, but no caffeine contains. Despite the nickname “red tea” is rooibos in two variants: red and green. The green rooibos is not oxidized, the red one. Rooibos is generally characterized by a rather sweet, woody flavor and is a source of antioxidants. Furthermore, it would rooibos also do wonders against allergies, stress and digestive problems.

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Tisanes or herbal infusions are actually various blends of dried herbs, fruits and flowers that just like normal tea “pulled”, but no tea leaves contain. The ingredients are usually dried, but you can also find fresh ingredients to use, think of ginger or mint.

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