What is the cause of the forest fires in the amazon rain forest?

In the amazon rain forest are going for a record number of forest fires. Hundreds of thousands of twitter users expressed this week their concerns about the fires from under the hashtag PrayforAmazonas. Well received dozens of e-mails from concerned readers. So, what causes the burn-in is the largest rainforest in the world.

The Brazilian agency for space research, INPE detected thanks to the satellite images, it is only this year, nearly 73,000 fires in the area. By way of comparison: in the whole of 2018 shall be recorded by INPE 39.759 fires in the amazon rain forest.

Only been around since last Wednesday, according to INPE 9.507-new forest fires in the amazon rain forest can be observed. At the beginning of the week, pulled off a thick layer of black smoke all over the different Brazilian cities. In Sao Paulo, while the smoke in for at least an hour in the sunlight, making the place completely dark.

Forest fires in the amazon rain forest, are very common at this time of the year. The fires are usually lit up by the farmers, who are, so to free up some space for crop production and animal husbandry. The Brazilians call this period of time, the queimada (burn).


  • The forest covers an area of 5.5 million square kilometers, about half the size of Europe.
  • The amazon rainforest is located within nine South American countries, namely Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana.
  • 64 per cent of the area is located in the country.
  • The Amazon river is of the utmost importance to the inclusion of the planeetverwarmende emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere, and convert them into oxygen.

Nature conservation is due to burn in, accelerated deforestation

“Because of the dry season, the conditions are ideal for fires to spread,” says INPE researcher Alberto Setzer told Reuters. But despite the drought, therefore, has a role to play, according to him, this year, nothing abnormal to be seen in the amount of rainfall in the Amazon basin. “The fires have been – intentionally or unintentionally – caught up with people,” he says.

Also, conservation organizations such as the World wide Fund for Nature (WWF), due to the large increase in fires in the acceleration of deforestation in the Amazon basin. “In the past, to show that they are in the region directly related to the use of fire to areas of the clearing”, says the WWF in a statement to know.

In addition, the majority of scholars are of the opinion that an increase in human activities such as mining and agriculture, and the situation is getting worse. This is serious, because the forest is a crucial element in the fight against climate change, because trees have a lot of CO2.


Brazilians have been driving right past fires in the amazon rain forest

Farmers are free to do whatever they want

The steep increase in writing in accordance with the non-governmental organizations (ngos), and the debt of the Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro. “The fires are the result of an aggressive policy in favor of the agricultural sector, and showed Camila Functioning of the Brazilian association of ngos, see FIG. Also, Greenpeace was able to identify that the increase in the antimilieubeleid of the president.

Due to the policy of Bolsonaro farmers and businesses as a kind of safeguard to get a large areas of forest cut down or burned for agriculture, and mining. “The government maintains, is no longer active, and therefore feel, in certain people, such as carpenters, feel free to do whatever they want,” said Suzanne Valkman, the head of forests, WWF, the Dutch branch of the WWF, most recently at

The fear is that the amazon rain forest at the mercy of the economic plans of Bolsonaro’s been in business. The exploitation of the rain forest, it was one of his election promises during his campaign last year. The president believes that the mining industry but also agriculture and ranching, in the Amazon basin, the Brazilian economy experienced a huge boost in.

In the us, published Wednesday, the satellite pictures of forest fires in different regions in the country. In the pictures, it is the smoke that a large share of the amazon rain forest and Brazil, gets underway. (Photo: NASA)

Bolsonaro will give the ngo’s to blame

Bolsonaro is itself accused on Wednesday, please note that the ngo’s in the amazon rain forest to burning, with the objective to support the government to inflict damage. The president did not put the proof of this theorem, however, according to him, the motive of the ngo’s that the government has stopped the funding of these organizations.

“These people don’t have the money,” he said. “At first, I was a captain’s game, now I’m the emperor Nero, because I have the Amazon fire, you’d have to,” said Bolsonaro.

Foreign criticism of its Amazonebeleid, the president, always on hand. “The Amazon is in Brazil, not one of you. The european countries have their own issues to interfere with this, because they have their own ecosystems have already been destroyed”, he said of his earlier criticisms.

In addition, he expressed Bolsonaro been a few times, sharp criticism of INPE. Earlier this month, and samaras, he’s the director, after the agency and a critical analysis of the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest in the month of June. According to the president, was INPE’s figures are being manipulated.

“At first, I was a captain’s game, now I’m the emperor Nero.”
Jair Bolsonaro, the president of Brazil

The international pressure on Brazil to

In the meantime, take the international criticism of Bolsonaro is increasing. Earlier this month, and stopped off in Germany and Norway for their funding of the projects, and deforestation in Brazil, to the two. Countries have found that Bolsonaro determined which projects were eligible for these funds. This lost to Brazil, Norway are the biggest donors.

The president of france Emmanuel Macron warned against a Brazilian ambtsgenoot in June, and that he is the new japan, EU-Mercosur, the European Union, and South America would not sign, such as Brazil itself, would have to pull out of the climate deal in Paris.

Recently, said Bolsonaro, however, is that Brazil, in spite of his criticism of the klimaatdeal, for the time being, the stability pact will continue to exist.

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