What is Laser Breast Augmentation?

The human body is at once resilient and fragile, imperfect and beautiful, solid and mutable. While there’s a lot more to a person than the body, being comfortable in one’s own skin is important for social interactions and maintaining confidence.

As such, cosmetic surgery exists for those not comfortable with their appearance, and one of the most popular procedures is breast augmentation. In lieu of traditional surgery, laser breast augmentation is gaining traction as an effective procedure. What is it and how does it compare to the traditional surgery?

About Laser Breast Augmentation

As potentially intimidating as it might seem, laser breast augmentation is perfectly safe, gentle, and relatively painless. The procedure makes use of a high-tech medical laser, which also acts as a liposuction laser when applied to other parts of the body.

As the laser is applied, water in the skin cells around the breast tissue absorbs the laser light. This absorption leads to an instantaneous vaporization. With each pass of the laser light over the skin, a tiny layer (about 30 millionths of an inch) of tissue is removed. Such a minute layer allows the physician to treat the skin around the breast tissue at different angles, with incredible control and precision.

This vaporization of tissue causes collagen fibers in the surrounding skin to tighten, causing a noticeable lift, similar to what happens in a facelift. The results are long lasting. You might have some minor lines and blemishes, but those should disappear quickly.

Compared to Traditional

There’s a huge difference between laser breast augmentation surgery and the more traditional procedure.

The traditional procedure is fairly longwinded and starts with an incision made in a hidden area. This incision depends on numerous factors, including the type of implant, the patient’s anatomy, and the doctor’s mode of operation. The implant is placed either under the pectoral muscle or between the pectoral muscle and the breast tissue.

As you can imagine, there is a great deal of healing necessary for the traditional procedure. Not only does the patient have to heal from the incisions, but the breasts may be tender from the extra pressure of the implants. The patient is left bedridden for months.

With the laser procedure, the patient may return to normal activities almost immediately after the surgery. There are no incisions, and while there may be some slight discomfort, many patients compare the discomfort to a small sunburn.

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