What is insomnia and what can you do about it?

Each week, reply to Sign up for the Vaal (47), a general practitioner in Nijmegen, the netherlands, a common, or outstanding question on a practice. This week is: What is the slaaploosheid, and what can you do about it?

Statistics states that, with 2.9 million people in 2018, with problems with sleep.

Of the Pale: “as A grown-up has, on average, between seven and eight hours of sleep per night is needed. How much, exactly, it differs from person to person. It is quite normal to have a little trouble sleeping, and an elderly person, no more than six hours. As you get older, you have less and less sleep.”

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“If you get enough sleep and has nothing to do with the number of hours of the night, we are looking more at how to spend properly. Most of the people are aware of how much sleep they need to rest. It is quite normal to see at night, just wake up, and then go back to sleep, just remember, you’re not.”

If sleep deprivation is a problem that is

“You’ll notice that during the daytime, lack of concentration is given, making it easier to fall asleep, or in a few short words and it’s at night, less sleep, then that may indicate that there is a short. A slaapprobleem to speak it, and, if you want to go a long time time, and suffering from fatigue hits, so it will have an effect on your daily life.”

“Basically, there are four causes, so you don’t have a good night’s sleep. Jet lag, or, for example, the transition from summer to winter can cause disturbed rhythm. In addition, certain medications or drugs such as coffee and energy drink for slaaploosheid care.”

Children with sleep problems

  • About one-quarter of all children will have regular issues with sleep, according to research conducted by Erasmus MC. The study included 871 children, of whom six per cent every week for the sleep aid melatonin is used. In many cases, it is used by children with autism or attention deficit disorder. Also, the use of screens before bed has a negative impact on sleep, according to research conducted by the institute for public health.

“Also, in certain circumstances, can sometimes be a sleep-deprived, such as a snoring partner, or in a different sleeping environment, with strange noises. However, the most common cause of this is, however, tension and stress, which can be difficult inslaapt faster and more awake, and more about thinking.”

What you can do, and when you get to the call to draw

“In order to be able to sleep, it is very important that you prepare before you get into bed. We do not expect to 22: 30 hours, close to the sports or at a party, you have a half-hour later, ready to go to sleep. All of the tension your body.”

What you can do for insomnia

  • Avoid using a lot of physical and mental effort to an hour before you go to bed
  • Place half an hour before going to sleep, all of the scenes, such as the television and the telephone
  • Bring your head to rest slightly ontspannends read a book or listen to soothing music
  • Make sure to have a pleasant sleep environment and use your bedroom only for sleep and sex
  • Then follow, if necessary, a digital slaaptraining
  • In the beginning, at the end of your holiday, with getting used to a normal rhythm

“Put in a half-hour before you go to bed, all of the screens, from television to mobile phones. Don’t Drink caffeinated beverages, make for a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom. So, also, not, work, or study in bed. It also helps to have half an hour to read it from a book, not a screen to your head to calm you down.”

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“If you in spite of of these are tricks over a long period of time still can’t get to sleep and to function to spend less, then that’s a reason to go to the doctor to get in. He or she will work with you to discuss what is the reason for this is, as you can go on to find a solution.”

Be careful with sleeping pills-They are addictive

“I am not as fast as a sleep aid because it can be addictive. Especially if you have more than two weeks, it’s hard to get over there again to stop it. There is a big chance that you will not be without it and also, you can see it during the day – often unintentionally – have the effect.”

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“Senior citizens over sixty years old, daily in a sleep-inducing drug use, run the risk. The liver and the kidney function will be gradually worse, making the medications less likely to be torn down. This is gradually increasing in the concentrations of the sleep-inducing drug into their body, and thus, during the day, the soporific effect of that.”

“As a result, the risk of injury is greater. Not only is it on the road. Men are also faster, which, in turn, the more easily it gives. It may even be the case that they will then die from the complications of it.”

“When stress, tension or pain, it is likely that you’ll have no, or only a short slaapmedicijn get laid. For insomnia due to mental health problems your gp will refer you to the nurse. If a person looks at your situation with a fresh perspective, and discuss how you will sleep at night. Now, you can also set up an online training to follow, with directions on how to get a healthy night’s sleep.”

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