What is influenza and how to distinguish it from a nasty cold?

Waves of the virus are more common during the autumn and winter season. But what is the flu? And how do you get a nasty cold? General practitioner, Sign up for the Vaal (47) gives the answer.

Is the flu more common during the fall and winter, because it speeds up the cold grasp?

The Pale, “No.” You don’t get the flu from the cold weather. A lot of people say they have flu when they begin to cough, or sneeze, but that’s usually the common cold. The flu is really something else.

What is a flue?

“The flu is caused by influenza virus is that the infection increases. That the virus is more common in the fall and winter to get is based on the fact that we are in those seasons of the year, to get closer to each other, to live and to be.”

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“The flu is accompanied by aches, malaise, and high fever greater than 39 degrees celsius. On average, you’ll get once every seven years, the flu. Is usually pretty, in a week, but it’s not out of the running. Some patients may experience for weeks, vermoeidheidsklachten to me.”

The flu is so much more than just a common cold?

“Yes.” The flu can be accompanied by severe complications, such as pneumonia. For people with a poor immune system, the effects can be very serious, or even fatal. Therefore, people in their sixties in the Netherlands, free of charge, to vaccinate against the flu.”

Characteristics of the flu:

  • Muscle pain
  • High fever (above 39 degrees celsius)
  • General malaise
  • Fatigue
  • The possible severe complications, such as pneumonia,

What makes the flu virus so violent?

“The virus is the cells to divide. It penetrates the surface of the cell, and that a command in order to copy it. Thus, the virus has spread throughout the body and affect more and more cells become infected. Fortunately, it recognizes the immune system and the cells that have the virus, and she is dead. The downside is that the us is vulnerable to bacteria. In the weak body, which before death.”

Is vaccination recommended if you are in a call, does it?

“Sure. The vaccine causes the body to have the virus, and every year, again, hardly to the immune system, rather it recognizes it. The immune system is more likely to be in the attack. In the complaint, and, especially, the complications are less severe.”

What if you never get sick of?

“Well, that is another argument often used by those who are not vaccinated against it. But, it is still recommended to be vaccinated. The flu virus hits you, as I said, on average, once in every seven years. I would take that bet, really don’t take it, we’ll see when a flu epidemic is that there are more people who die as a result of the complications. Talk to your doctor if you have any doubts.”

People with the flu have a high fever, over 39 degrees celsius. (Image: 123RF)

How does the infection work?

“You get infected through the air. The virus is in the air by a cough or a sneeze. You can also add up if you have a contaminated bar, in the tram or with a contaminated door handles, grab hold of and keep your hands in contact with your mucous membranes, like your mouth or your nose.”

How can you prevent the flu for you?

“Sneeze or cough in your elleboogplooi. Then, it is not in the air or on your hands. If you are in the tram or the train, you sat down, or when you are in a public place, a place where a lot of people, it was your hands when you get home, try not to your nose or mouth-to-come.”

This way you get the flu will get:

  • Nothing in your elleboogplooi
  • Wash your hands after you’re in a train, on a streetcar or in a public space, has been
  • Try not to be too much, you nose and mouth to come out

“The aircraft, it is also a popular spot for the influenza virus on the run. A lot of people think they have the flu to get to the bus stop, but that’s not the case. It is usually the influenza virus is in the air and on the furniture to sit on.”

Is there anything I can do about it once you have been infected?

“Uitzieken is the only cure for the virus. Sometimes, painkillers make you a little less miserable, to feel. It’s a virus and the cough often lead to considerable muscle soreness. Painkillers be able to there are available to make sure that you have your lung clean can cause coughing, and you are not ill.”

“It’s the only thing that will work. Many times I have been out at least a week. If you’re too quick to get back to work, it could still be a long time vermoeidheidsklachten to me.”

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