WHAT HAPPENS: Rain, flash floods still in Florence weather forecast

Coast guard Road that leads to the south side of the Island of Emerald is seen after Hurricane Florence hit Emerald Isle, N. C., Sunday, Sept. 16, 2018. (AP Photo/Tom Copeland)

MIAMI – The weather forecast for Florence has not changed, unfortunately: It’s still raining, and rivers still rising. All roads in and out of a North Carolina town of 120,000 people in the water. The residents of the communities in the interior, who thought they were safe from the storm to find high ground from the expected floods. When the sun finally comes out later this week, it will take a long time to dry.


—Storm deaths: Florence is being blamed for at least 17 deaths in the Carolina’s, while Typhoon Mangkhut has killed at least 69 people in the Philippines and China.

—Heavy rain: Almost 34 inches (86 cm), rain fell from Thursday to Sunday in Swansboro, on the coast of North Carolina, according to the National Weather Service

—In the dark: About 500,000 deaths, mainly in North-Carolina

Protected: About 15,000 people in shelters in North Carolina

—Evacuations: Tens of thousands ordered out of communities along North Carolina’s steadily rising rivers, while more than 2.4 million people in southern china’s Guangdong province, were warned in time to escape Mangkhut

—To the rescue: more Than 1,000 search-and-rescue personnel with 36 helicopters and more than 200 boats were employed in North Carolina, and the Department of Defense assigned to 13,500 military personnel to help relief efforts

—Washed out: 2 AMERICAN government river monitoring gauges stopped broadcasting after the waters reached 21.5 feet (6.5 m) and 24.2 meters (7 feet), and more meters have been expected to fail as rivers further increase of the


Images captured by Associated Press journalists show floods caused by Florence in the Carolina’s and Typhoon Mangkhut in the Philippines .


Approximately 50 poor miners and their families a refuge from Typhoon Mangkhut in a chapel, but it seems unlikely that survivors will be pulled from the shelter that ended up buried by a landslide . Mangkhut weakened from a typhoon to a tropical storm as it moved deeper into the south of China, on Monday.


A 3-month-old baby boy whose North Carolina mobile home was split by a falling pine tree is among the at least 17 deaths linked to Florence . Authorities say a 1-year-old North Carolina boy is missing after a displacement of his mother’s arms by the water .


The Carolina swollen rivers began to swamp of coal ash deposits, and low-lying hog farms , who worry about the pollution of the water. Two power plants in North Carolina reported problems with coal ash dumps, but state environmental regulators said Sunday they had still not heard about a possible contamination streaming from flooded hog farms.


Among the survivors found by Associated Press journalists this weekend was Lionel Atkinson, who raced to check on his mother in Goldsboro, North Carolina, and ended up in her house because the nearby roads are flooded and it was too risky for him to try and get home. Atkinson’s mother looked at the water rising in the street of it, and said, ” Me personally, I have no fear.”


While dealing with Florence in the Carolina’s, the Trump administration of the disaster relief chief found himself to talk on Sunday news shows about the death toll in Puerto Rico last year, Hurricane Maria, which President Donald Trump loudly disputed on Twitter. Brock Long, Federal Emergency Management Agency, said: “the numbers are all over the place” and “there’s just too much blame going around.”


It can also take months for the number of fatal accidents caused by Florence and Typhoon Mangkhut fully known, and it is common for this type correspond to strongly escalate as officials account of deaths indirectly caused by a storm. Disaster experts say that it is often difficult to quickly confirm hurricane-related deaths by the many regions storms can affect.


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