What does the restriction on Huawei for your smartphone?

Google limited the access that Huawei phones to features of the Android mobile operating system. What exactly does that mean, and what does that mean for future Huawei devices?

Google has the access of Huawei phones to Android limited. Because Google needs to comply with stricter rules of the Us government with regard to the Chinese telephone company, the companies, less (or no) matters more.

A Google spokesperson says that it is the call of the American ministry of Economic Affairs. The company does not yet know what the future will mean for Huawei devices, and the Dutch market. “We will investigate what the consequences are.”

Android without apps and services of Google

The impact will be especially noticeable on new phones that Huawei is going to sell.

Because of the limitation of Google would be for those devices will not be possible to use apps of Google, such as Gmail and YouTube. In addition it would Huawei may not be able to use security updates for Android-based systems.

What exactly is with the operating system Android on Huawei phones happens, is at this moment still unclear. Given that Huawei also in the future, security promises, does not point immediately to a full ban of the system.

Existing Huawei phones

For existing smartphones from Huawei changes for now, nothing, confirm, Huawei and Google. “Google Play and security via Google Play Protect will continue to work on existing devices,” informs Google.

Huawei writes in a statement that the security updates, and services will continue to provide to existing Huawei – Honor-phones and tablets. This is already sold models and devices that have not yet been sold, but still in stock.

Own operating system of Huawei

On different websites it is speculated that Huawei may is forced to the opensourceversie of Android to use. This Android Open Source Project (AOSP), everyone is allowed to freely use.

A disadvantage of AOSP is that the system is not available with mobile services from Google. That means that services like the Google Play Store, Chrome browser, Gmail, and YouTube are missing. This is a very important part of the user experience of Android way.

Moreover, Huawei in march confirmed that the company an alternative for Android and Windows. “If it turns out that we have these systems (Android and/or Windows, red.) can no longer use, we will be ready and have a plan B,” said Huawei managing director Richard Yu.

A spokesman from Huawei called the own system, a temporary solution. “Huawei has back-up systems, but for use only in very exceptional circumstances. We expect not to use them and would frankly not want.”

There Is a view on a solution?

Google would not be the only one that has taken measures. Also chipmakers like Qualcomm and Intel would make their deliveries to Huawei strike.

The companies say the new terms and conditions of the government to comply. It is also the question of what the next step is. Probably can Huawei only access to more Google services as the U.s. department of Economic Affairs decision to reverse. If and when that happens, that is not to say.

Huawei and seventy-connected companies are on a list. Every company in the United States need the approval of the U.s. government questions before it with one of the companies on that list of things to do.

China has not yet responded to the Us measures. In that country may Google services don’t have to be used, but the conditions make sure that doing business with American companies more difficult.


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