What do you have to cough, and when it is the fear of pneumonia is correct?

At this time of the year, a lot of people will suffer from hoestklachten. A frequently asked question on the doktersspreekuur: do I have to be afraid of pneumonia? Usually it is not, ” says general practitioner, Sign up for the Vaal (47). He will give an answer to the following questions: what can you do about cough and if it is, the fear of pneumonia is correct?

What is it that a cough is actually caused by?

“Most of the time are you going to cough due to a viral infection in the upper part of the respiratory system, as a virus, so to say. Sometimes, you have to be some increase in the. Due to the infection of the mucous membranes in your throat, and into the beginning of the trachea is irritated. That gives you an uncomfortable feeling, and causing the hoestprikkel.”

“In addition, in the upper part, extra mucus is created to what you have to cough up. These are two of the things that you will have to cough up.”

You will need to go to the doctor?

“Most of the time comes at the end of a week to ten days by itself. A few times a year, it takes six weeks to go before it’s all over. Only if you have a chronic illness such as COPD or a weakened immune systems, or if you have diabetes and use insulin, it is recommended to use the doktersassistent to discuss if you’re sick of being on the cough.”

“Consultation is when you have a baby under the age of three months who is going to cough up, or if it’s going to be a person of 75-plus, which in addition to hoestklachten well as other conditions.”

But, what if you had a pneumonia turns out to be?

“Pneumonia is very rare in people who are coughing and to simply be healthy. Pneumonia is caused by mucus deep in the lungs remain for a bacteria to grow. Healthy people with good immune system to cough the mucous out, so the lungs stay clean.”

A cough can be dangerous in the following cases:

  • … you’ll be in a different condition, it may have, such as diabetes, COPD or a weakened immune systems
  • … you koortsfase get
  • … you, in addition to cough, also became seriously ill in the
  • … your child is listless, and you don’t trust them
  • … you have a baby under the age of three months and a lot of coughing

What are the symptoms to pneumonia indicate?

“If you’re next to a cough and a fever will also suffer from shortness of breath, wheezing, or you get a very sick feeling. The possibility is always on the doktersassistent for a couple of days without a fever is still a fever and a temperature of 38 ° c or higher. This is an alert.”

“You should also consult with the assistant, if your child is a lot of coughing, a fever and a dead bird on the bench is. Is important to children, I find that if you’re a parent, your child is watching. If something in you says ‘this is wrong’, then I’d rather you just submit them to the assistant.”

Indicates that distress is always to have a pneumonia?

“No, no. Trouble is most often caused by the cough itself. The muscles of the chest and diaphragm to get it to cough hard time of it. That causes it to sometimes severe muscle aches, what is the burning sensation it causes. With a lot of muscle pain from the cough, it is best to have a pain killer to take. If you can get the slime to just weghoesten, and you will feel less short of breath.”

It says that the color of the mucus is something about pneumonia?

“In the hoestklachten your mucus is often yellow or green in color. That doesn’t say anything about the cause of the cough: it doesn’t tell you whether it is a virus or a bacteria is. The color is caused by dead white blood cells in the mucus.”

“Sometimes there can be a small little bit of blood in it. This is not a reason for you to worry about the cough, the mucous membrane, sometimes with a bit of a break. Totally normal as long as it’s in a little bit, and it is, once you get the hang of it, it also wégblijft.”

There Is something to cough up to do this?

“Hoestdrankjes, and they will you to the drug store to buy, do, to be honest, nothing. The hoestperiode will be less and it will reduce the cough too. Have a warm drink of honey, or a zuigsnoepje will often give some relief. And using a pain reliever like you have to be a lot of muscle pain to have because of the coughing. The only thing that will work against the cough of patience and time.”

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