What do you do when you have a cold?

What do you do when you have a cold?

Winter is on the way. And this means that you are sniveling, and stuffy nose. What to do in the cold? Gp, Sorry for the Often answer.

What is a common cold really?

“The common cold is a viral infection. Your nasal mucosa on the inside of your nose swells up. That will give you that stuffy feeling. You can then make a properly in through your nose to breathe. You’ll also have a runny nose. It flows constantly, watery mucus from your nose.”

The common cold, in short,

  • Get your nose up at, that’s better than the last several days.
  • If you would still like blowing your nose, do it gently, and repeat for the repeat.
  • The use of a nasal spray containing xylometazoline or oxymetazoline are only in the initial phase, and no more than seven days.
  • Rinse or spray your nose with saline solution to relieve the sinuses as many times as you want.

Blowing your nose or a spray for common cold

What you need to do to get that stuffy nose go away? Blowing your nose?

“From the very beginning, which makes little sense. The clogged feeling is due to the fact you are nasal, very very bloated. If you have a lot of pressure to put on your nose, in through your nose to close it and force the air to make sure, you run the chance that you have of mucus in the sinuses and middle ear squeezes. This increases the risk of bacterial infection in which sinuses or an ear infection.”

“You can get to your nose, so it is better to pick them up. That a lot of people are dirty or not clean. Blowing your nose is fine, but don’t be too hard. Close your nose completely, but the mouth, gently at first one and then the other nostril.”

And the nasal spray?

“In the first stage of a common cold, you can go ahead with a nasal spray containing the active ingredient xylometazoline or oxymetazoline-use. That ontzwellende cans: they make the blood vessels in the mucous membrane of the nose and shrink it. This way there will be more space, and you have a runny nose is also less. They’re just for sale in pharmacies and drugstores. But she’s never been more than a week.”

Use of nasal spray no longer than seven days.

Why should they not be able to use?

“The spray works quickly to reduce the chance that the sinuses may become clogged and to make sure that you can freely breathe, and without a runny nose.”

“That is why they are very effective in the initial stages of a common cold. However, if you have the means to stop using, there will be an adverse effect. The nose will then be open to the public with the means ensures that, after a couple of hours for a couple of hours, just closes. Because of this, some people have become ‘hooked’ on these nasal sprays.”

What do you have to be in the second stage?

Rinse it with a saline solution, or spray it with a zoutwaterspray. This makes it tough mucus which weker, so your nose will be easier to get there, and the passages to the cavities are less easily clogged. That length is also, often, even multiple times in an hour, if you want it to be.”

“In addition, there is no other choice than to sit back and wait for the ring. In principle it eliminates our bodies of the virus on its own. You don’t need to so don’t go to the doctor’s office. After a few weeks, still have a stuffy nose, consult with the nurse or the doctor. Maybe there is something else going on here. An octopus, for example, or an allergy.”

If you want to know more about, stop using a nasal spray? The Tips you’ll find on the

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