What do you do if you are bitten by an insect?

Each week, reply to Sign up for the Vaal (47), a general practitioner in Nijmegen, the netherlands, a common, or outstanding question on a practice. This week is: What do you do if you are bitten by an insect? And if it is, it is wise to go to the doctor?

“Especially in the summer, the chance of an insect bite is bigger. One group of insects, such as the horse, the mosquitoes and the ticks, sticks to the blood to obtain it. The other group defends itself by biting or stinging, such as hornets, honey bees, wasps, red or southern wood ants. The stings and bites of the latter, the so-called gifspuiters, I’ll explain.”

A bug takes a little bit of poison to your body, and this is where the experience of the experience

“When you have a sting or a bite out of defence and sprays the bug with a little bit of poison in your body, in order to make it clear that you’re close to go. That causes itching, redness, pain and swelling. It’s a pain, but the symptoms often disappear naturally.”

“If you are confirmed, please check immediately at the puncture site. The sting of a bee is stuck in your skin. It looks like it was a kind of retreat. Remove the stinger, make sure you have the gifzakje not be leegknijpt. It is still attached to the stinger is fixed, and remains a poison pump.”

How do you get an insect bite to avoid it?

  • Stay away from the garbage, and rotting fruit
  • Drink out of a straw
  • Go easy on the perfume, and hair products
  • Carry comprehensive and/or white attire
  • Smear yourself with an anti-insect agent
  • Cover your body and feet are up in the nature or in the garden
  • Save the bugs and stay well
  • To sleep with a mosquito net or insect screen in front of the window

“Pick up the stinger with your finger, but pull it off with a pair of tweezers or a piece of paper. Note: do not remove the stinger was never in your mouth, because there is a risk that you are still in your lip or mouth pierced. A tick needs to be removed right away.”

“After this, disinfect the wound will always be with rubbing alcohol or iodine. In a lot of discomfort to you, you can cool it with a cold, wet cloth or some ice cream. If you have a lot of pain, a pain killer and then use you want to use an anti-jeukmiddel, such as menthol, strooipoeder cream. You can also use a antiallergietablet that have a antihistamine in it.”

“With the right milk out of the plug with a small pump to do good, even though it is for a lot of people are, however, a logical reflex, and it is a nice feeling. The poison is spreading, however, so quickly into the skin, and that it is a pointless action.”

Hornets, bees, wasps, red or southern wood ants, are insects that bite or sting in order to defend himself. (Photo: Block

If you need to go to the doctor, by an insect bite?

“If you are not allergic to an insect bite, but if you have it in your mouth, throat, or tongue is inserted, then always check with your family doctor or a general practitioner. Due to an insect bite for example, the tongue may swell, making you struggle to breath or even choking.”

“Check with the doctor if you are anxious, or when you are in the throat, eyes, lips, or tongue swelling”
He’s Pale, Gps

“It is also important to see a doctor to enable you to immediately after the bite, suffocating, or when you are in the throat, eyes, lips, or tongue is swelling, while you are somewhere else, and pinned it to you. Those who are very allergic to a specific insect bite, and an anaphylactic reaction, it is likely to fall ill and even die. If you are familiar with such a severe anaphylactic reaction which often has an EpiPen, or epinephrine-autoinjector at which the reaction is suppressed can be provided.”

An insect bite could also be a bacterial skin infection have the effect of

“In addition to the effects of the poison, as there are many other consequences you should be aware of. With the injection, or later, due to scratching, there may be bacteria in your skin, you can get. Maybe you are in the first instance, no further details, however, the wound and the skin around it, after a while, however, significantly redder and more painful. It is a skin bacterial infection may be caused.”

“Please write a note in your calendar when you’re on set and the circle, if necessary, the small hole with a pin, so that the next day, you can have a look at what’s going on. If you can take a picture of the nurse is to e-mail us for advice.”

“In other words: to disinfect the skin following a bite or sting and it is not up to the wound. Consider if you have small children to keep their nails short to cut it, so that the skin is less likely to be broken scratch. Thankfully, each and every human being still has its normal resistance, which, if any bacteria are present in the skin, usually to clean up.”

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