What do we know about the conversation between He and the Ukrainian president?

The Democrats will have on Tuesday a preliminary investigation into a possible impeachment procedure against the Us president, Donald Trump has been announced. The result is an “improper call,” the president of Ukraine, ambtsgenoot him. What is the connection between the American president and the Ukraine?

This is the ” new ” price is only a couple weeks ago has come to light. In a blow the whistle on the Us intelligence services had reported internally that the president, on the 25th of July, an “inappropriate” phone call to a foreign head of government ‘ was conducted. On Friday night, and that it is the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky was.

He would have been in the conversation with his ambtsgenoot have called for an investigation into the conduct of the ex-vice president Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden. According to the president, they would have been found guilty of corruption in the country.

The Democrats claim that He is, by an appeal to a world-class leader, and his power is being abused to such an arch-rival in a bad light. Joe Biden is a chance to be in the presidential election of 2020, the Democratic opponent of the Home-to-be.

In addition, He prior to the phone call in the order of 400 million us dollars (about 365 million euros) in financial aid to Ukraine, temporarily, in order to keep. According to the critics, he and the pressure is on, but the president denies that he, this is the reason for this order.

On Wednesday, the White House is a composite and a summary transcript of this call. It turns out that He, the said application has been filed with Zelensky.

He accuses Joe Biden of corruption

The alleged corruption on the part of the family, Offer about Hunter Biden. He was, as of 2014, a couple of years on the board of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma, and deserved to said to be about 45,000 euro per month.

At Burisma, ran in 2016, with a corruption investigation, under the direction of Viktor Shokin, who was at that time, the prosecutor-general of Ukraine was made. However, it was in march of 2016, and his position is taken by Ukraine’s parliament because they are also corrupt, it would have been.

Hunter and Joe Biden. (Photo: Getty)

Joe Biden, who was vice president under president Barack Obama’s administration has played an important role in the U.s. relationship with Russia. He also urged the Ukrainian government to Shokin-to-market. According to the Home has to Offer, this is done in order to have a son to protect.

Trumps claim has never been proven. According to a local anticorruptieorganisatie has Shokin, in itself, the investigation of Burisma has been delayed. Earlier this year, said Shokins successor to Vitaly Kasko is that the US does not have the pressure exercised by the ongoing legal proceedings against Burisma itself. The Ukrainian prosecutors to have the cases, according to him, in 2014 and 2015, is itself delayed.

Even though there has never been a formal complaint against the gas company came to do Trumps the lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, already a couple of months of research into the matter. According to the opponents of the Trump picks up on the president in this case, in order to Offer it in a bad light.

Allegation of events not disclosed to Congress

In contrast to the phone call, the complaint, the whistleblower has not yet been published. Joseph Maguire, who, last month, He was appointed as the director of National Intelligence, that the case against them. So, it is still not clear where the complaint is of the events is exactly it consists of.

In the complaint, and the whistleblower is dealt with by the guardian and as “an urgent, dangerous and credible, qualified. Typically, these issues are at the same time transmitted to the Congress.

The Democrats are blaming Trump and now that he is in this process of stopping and therefore breaking the law. By the start of the research, they hope to get these documents still have to be able to claim it.

On Thursday, it will Maguire, is expected to testify in the Congress. In a time where the Democrats have to look forward to. In addition, the events of this week, or next week, have heard it is going to be.

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