What are the best potatoes to mash?

The days are getting shorter and colder. In short, it’s time for a strong winterstamppot. Chef stamppotexpert Werner Engineering, explains to you what is the best stamppotaardappel, and explains along the way what we do with the left overs they can do.

Stamppotten such as a stew, kale with sausage, sauerkraut with pork, hot flashes and andijviestamppot are typically of English. How this is different to the traditional one-pan meals as well, and the stamppotten all have one thing in common: they are made with potatoes.

Crumbly potato is the best

“The most common types of potatoes to make a stew are crumbly potatoes,” says Drent, who is the chief chef and the author of, among others, the Stamppotbijbel, and It’s great stamppotboek.

“These potatoes will fall apart during cooking and are, therefore, suitable for stamppotgerechten.”

“More satisfying, and plain old spud, his real stamppotaardappelen.”
Werner Engineering, who is the chief cook and stamppotexpert

There are many different types of crumbly potatoes, with each having their own flavor. The alpha, or to malta, you would make a good stew to make. The name malta is not a rasnaam, but it is derived from the island of Malta. For the potatoes, with their rich, creamy taste, it will be in april and may, with the hand dug up, and the whole of the year, and also in the Netherlands, is available.

The sheep and the plain old spud are very crumbly and flowery taste with sweet potato. “The real stamppotaardappelen so,” says Drent. The sheep is an early potato and is used in the Netherlands at the beginning of June to August, and harvested. The plain old spud until mid-August.

“And it is perhaps Holland’s best-known aardappelsoort, the jacket potato – kruimig to be fixed – it is pretty neutral flavor and is a good all-round potato,” says Drent. “Great for a variety of potato dishes, and a stew.”

The best potatoes for mashed potato:

  • Malta/alpha
  • Sheep
  • Plain old spud
  • Jacket potato with

But the Engineering that recommends, especially a aardappelsoort to choose from, you are looking for. As a matter of playing around with words. In principle, each of the crumbly potato in each of the stamppotgroente. “Depending on the type of vegetable is coupled with a baked potato, you need to sometimes be more fluid, add it up,” explains Engineering from. “A mashed potato with celeriac or cauliflower, for example, more moisture is needed, then, is an mixture with the bladgroentes, such as endive.”

To make the chips with the peels

Once a mixture has been made, you will know that you have a lot of potatoes that need peeling. And that has a lot of shells on it. “Do not throw those peels away, take the chips from it.”

It Was for this purpose, the peels and pat them dry with a kitchen towel or between paper towels. Spread apart the peel, and then, on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper. Sprinkle with salt (and, if necessary, freshly ground black pepper and a good glug of olive oil, and hussel them to be careful around each other. Bake the potato peels for the next fifteen to twenty minutes in the oven at 200 degrees celsius. Engineering: we would Like them to be all the time, as they can burn easily.”

Be sure to use the potatoes that you are looking for, if you stew it makes. Depending on the vegetables that will need some more liquid add. (Photo: CookLoveShare)

Take a pancake, a smoothie or a croquette from leftover mashed potato

Engineering will find it a waste to have leftover stew and throw it away. “You can do so much more with the stew.” Think of stamppotpannenkoeken. To do this, I will give you half of the flour into the batter. Instead, it will take you a bit of mashed potato in it. And what do you think of the stamppotsoep? Mix up this easy leftover mashed potato with some broth in a pan and add extra flavor with fresh herbs growing.

A stamppotsmoothie, it is easy to create, a bit of sweet aardappelstamppot to mix it with some coconut milk, and a banana. And, finally, the favorite of Engineering, the stamppotbitterbal. The role of a number of balls of mixture flowing into the flour, egg white and bread crumbs. Deep-fry the balls for the next five minutes in the hot oil.

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