What are some of the symptoms of the cancer and if you have to go to the doctor?

October borstkankermaand. In the Netherlands, one in seven women is diagnosed with breast cancer. The sooner the symptoms are recognized, the greater the chance of survival. But what exactly are the symptoms? And if you have to go to the doctor? General practitioner, Sign up for the Vaal (47) gives the answer.

In fact, one in seven women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Ks it is much more common than in the past?

Of the Pale: “it does seem like it would have been, yes. But that may be because we are the disease, and earlier detection due to improved screening. Each and every woman will get from her being called to the screening, in which breast cancer is being controlled.”

“And that better screening is the good news: the fact that we have the disease in an early stage of discovery, there is the chance for breast cancer, survival is much greater than it used to be. What’s more, the treatments are much better, the chance of survival is even more complete.”

Does breast cancer only in old age?

“That the women pass on their way to a call for population screening, it is, indeed, among other things, based on the fact that the disease from which the age is more common. The other thing is the sustainability of the research. But young women can get breast cancer. As a result, for all of the women are very important to have it on their breasts to check it out.”

What do you have in mind? To find a lump?

“A lump is a symptom that everyone knows about. However, there are also other possible signs of breast cancer. A hole or bump in the breast, for example, or a change in the skin, a swelling or lump in the armpit or a change in the shape of the breast. Not just feel, well, look.”

“The most important thing you should keep in mind, it is a change. That is all you can do is to notice when your breasts are well-known and regularly examined. Only if you know how they normally look and how they feel, you know, in case anything has changed. The most important bit of advice is this: know your body.”

Changes that may indicate breast cancer

  • The hardening of the breast
  • A dent in the chest
  • Huidverandering (also: ill-a healing place)
  • Warm-to-the-touch neck with a red discoloration of the skin
  • Fluid from the nipple (bloody, watery, greenish, or milky)
  • Dimples in the breast
  • A lump on the breast
  • Thick to breath in, the chest
  • Dimples in the breast
  • A lump on the breast
  • The thick vein in the upper chest
  • Retracted nipple (unless you’ve always had
  • The changing of shape and / or size of the breast
  • Skin peeling and redness of the skin (orange peel) of the breast
  • A new lump in the breast (not always visible).
  • Painful and different feeling of a place in the breast of the
  • Swelling in the armpit

What if you find it difficult to get your breast self-examinations?

“I know that some of the patients do not want to have their own breasts to feel good to look at. Out of shame or out of fear of something. But step in, please, on the threshold of years. Think of it as a part of a healthy lifestyle: eat healthy, because you are not sick, they are to be your sport, because you have to keep fit, and you are examining your breasts because you’re good for yourself and want to look after it.”

If you need to go to the doctor?

“If you have a change in your breast, says. Sometimes, you might have a few more weeks to wait and see, because the chest the hormooncyclus temporarily to a different you can feel it. But, if you have any doubts go to the doctor. That is to look to whether there is reason to believe that you have to send it to the mammapolikliniek of the hospital. ‘Mama’ is in fact, in the chest. In addition, the word mammogram comes from an x-ray picture of the breast.”

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