What are some of the best affordable gourmet gift ideas for the shoe?

The holidays are right outside the door. What do you give someone who loves to cook and/or eat them? We ask the private chef Severine Meijer has the best food and affordable gifts in the shoe or under the tree. They are tips of seven of her favourite products for a kitchen prince(ss) make them happy.

Let’s face it: the latest keukengadgets often has a beautiful design, but it is generally not very useful. That is also a Meijer, professor of the Hospitality industry, the Academy and the private.

“As a chef, I don’t look at my kitchen utensils will look like, but I’m more focused on functionality. And I’m looking for for my kitchen appliances so also, ” says Meijer.

Keukenpincet (from € 10)

A little chef can now do without a pair of tweezers. “Now that people are used to at home more and more concerned with fine dining, and a pair of tweezers is essential for all the fine work we do,” says Meijer.

“It is the holidays, you’ll want a board in a nice format. Perhaps with an edible flower or any other small items. A keukenpincet, it is better for the product and it gives you a better end result. And you feel like you just have a real chef, so you can use it in your apron stings.”

Gas burner (10 euro)

It is a gas burner that is used primarily for the karamelliseren of the sugar on the creme brûlée, but they’re also more likely to be a vegetable, meat or fish to sear. “A little bit with the burner on, the tuna steak, which not only gives you a beautiful tan, but it also has a pleasant roasted taste,” says Meijer.

“Note, however, that as a cutting board or the board get too hot during the burning process. Therefore, it is prefer to have a stainless-steel plate, especially in case of a large fire.”

Kernthermometer (from 15 euros)

A piece of meat to cook is a lot easier with a meat or kernthermometer. “It’s pretty hard to make beef roast, or poultry in the oven, in the same way as you want to,” says Meijer.

“If the meat is cooked, it is dry, and that is, of course, is a sin. Therefore, it is a temperature that is in the flesh itself out and adjusts to the set temperature as a result.”

With a low oven temperature is between 80 and 100 degrees and allow the meat to slowly cook and get to the correct core temperature with a good result, ” says the private chef.

A piece of meat to cook is a lot easier with a meat thermometer. (Image: 123RF)

Bakmat of silicon (from € 10)

In a hot-air oven, blowing fresh meringues – raised protein, sugar, or a thin kletskopjes on the parchment paper easily. “And before you know it, it was on the ceiling of the oven. You can’t just start over again with the hand, but you’ve got a fair amount of clean-up,” says Meijer.

“You can use in place of parchment paper better to use a silicone bakmat to use it. Especially if you are using for desserts or biscuits that are working on it.”

Pepper with home-made spice mix (from 10 euro)

For the amount of salt in a bite, it’s nice to have spices mill with a homemade mixture of spices to obtain. “Yes, please, a few types of peppercorns, and add to that, for example, coriander seed, cumin seed, and fennel to the mix.”

With the mix you meat and vegetable, very simple, have more flavor, without the salt you don’t have to use it. Meijer: “On the market, or in the mediterranean-style grocery store, herbs and spices, often quite a bit cheaper than at the grocery store.”

Cheese grater (from 15 euros)

According to Meijer, it is also a stainless steel cheese grater an essential tool in a well-equipped kitchen. “I’ve got it at home and it will always be at hand in the thuisdiners that I can take care of.”

“A file, it is not only easy to use, for shaving, for example, a fine of Parmesan cheese, but also chocolate sauce, garlic, and the zest of a lemon and an orange,” she says.

An essential tool in the kitchen is the cheese grater. (Image: 123RF)

Spaghettimeter (from $ 6)

A lot of people keep, according to Meijer’s difficult to determine how much spaghetti per person is required to have. “Pasta is not an expensive product, but it is in the context of waste, it is nevertheless useful to think of the quantities of a good tune”, the private chef.

With a spaghettimaatje meet your ex, how much spaghetti is sufficient for the number of people for whom you cook. “The smallest ring, it is sufficient for a single person, it is the largest ring, it is a good helping for four people.”

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