Westfries Museum receives donation of 1,7 million euro

Westfries Museum receives donation of 1,7 million euro

The Westfries Museum has a legacy received of approximately 1.7 million euro. “A huge surprise”, is the response. The donation comes from the French le Cocq d’Armandville.

At the opening of his will revealed that he was the museum had been appointed sole heir. Also gives the giver hundreds of artefacts at the museum.

According to the museum called in French le Cocq d’Armandville somewhere in 2006, with the announcement that he may have some artifacts wanted to fail. The man said several museums have approached, but was hit by the friendly response of employees”, reports the museum in Hoorn.

Then are hundreds of objects – including furniture, porcelain, silver, and painting mostly from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries – have been inventoried. Among the paintings are works of great painters of the Hague School such as Jozef Israëls, Anton Mauve and George Breitner. A significant part of his collection donated to the French le Cocq already in life to the museum.


On december 25, 2016 died I. F. P. D. le Cocq d’Armandville at age 94 in his home town of Heemstede. He was the last in the family line. The museum has to his name a fund. The annual proceeds of the bequest are intended for the enhancement, restoration and presentation of the collection.

“We knew that mr Le Cocq us the things wanted to leave, but this large amount of money was really a great surprise. What can you as a small museum with a small staff and very limited budgets can only dream of. It means a welcome strengthening of the financial capacity of the museum,” says director of Ad Geerdink.

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