Westerbork-film has a chance to win UNESCO prize

Westerbork-film has a chance to win UNESCO prize

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The historical film about the daily life in the transit camp of Westerbork is nominated for the UNESCO prize for documentary heritage, the UNESCO Memory of the World Register. Next autumn in Paris published or the Westerbork film in the registry is included.

In this film explained to the Jewish prisoner Rudolf Breslauer in the spring of 1944 unique images, including deportations of 700 people to Auschwitz, and 238 to Bergen-Belsen. Breslauer did that in command of the German camp commandant Albert Gemmeker. The fragment in which a Sinti girl, the Netherlands Steinbach, to the camera watching from a freight car is an iconic image for the transports to death camps.

Not completed

Most of the images show the daily life in the camp, in which apparently healthy men and women ‘just’ work in workshops and on the land. Also the movie contains scenes in the hospital, from cabaret and a church. The Westerbork film was never completed. In september 1944, Breslauer and his family via Theresienstadt to Auschwitz.

The film comes from the collection of the NIOD Institute for War-, Holocaust – and genocide studies and is managed by the Netherlands Institute for Sound and vision. Together with the other interesting sights Westerbork is the nomination to UNESCO done. There is, according to Sound and Image, and no other movie known day-to-day life in a transit or concentration camp in this way in the picture.

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